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HOMe SwEEt home?

7 Jun

So many crazy things have happened in the past couple weeks. Here’s a list.

We moved into old farm house.

Won’t stop raining.

We move out of old farm house.

We move into a different house. (ironically my great uncle build in the 1960’s.)

Someone stole the air conditioning unit in new house.

The transporter with all my parents things is 4 days late.

Transporter comes.

My dad has a heart attack. yep. (he’s doing well, now)

Spent some time in a hospital 40 minutes away.

Now, it’s 95 degrees, just got air conditioning yesterday.

Also, I have no service on my phone unless, I go into town.

We can’t get the internet at new house so I’ve been using AT&T USB quicksilver. I used 65% of the data plan in 7 days.

AND my calculator watch broke.

On the upside, I love being able to see my whole family all the time and it’s really pretty here.

(I also have an amazing St. Louis trip planned next week that should bring my spirits up.)

My grandma’s three bean salad. (Good for my dad’s heart.)

This is Sally the turtle. She lives at my house.

That’s a deer in my front yard. 

I have seen more animals in a week then I’ve seen in ten years.

Congratulations FREAKER USA !!! They met their Kickstarter goal. Dreams do come true.

Here is a collection I made last year of Mokane, MO, if you’re interested.

Ohh, internet how I miss you. . . and North Carolina. I can’t wait to get home and finish all those Kickstarter rewards.

Super miss.


thrifty GALORE

26 Feb

Potential buyers looked at the house today. While they were looking my mom and I went thrifting. (above, another sewing book I don’t really need. It was published in 1963, my favorite year, so I had to get it.)

I have a thing for watches. This is a Swatch-looking Timex with a referee man on the face. Weird.

I use to have a kool aid watch like this when I was a kid. Remember collecting the points on the back to get stuff?

Now, if I could only find that minnie/mickey mouse watch I’ve been searching for. . .

Awesome floral umbrella? YES!

This combines my love of florals and tins.

At my local thrift store, they have a whole wall of surprise grab bags. I chose the one on the left for the envelopes. (You know, for all those handmade kickstarter thanks yous!!!) I chose the bag on the right for the hello kitty pencil case. (It has bows and it’s pink- come on!!)

The contents of the bag above. Note the small blue gideon bible in the corner.

I opened it and . . .

My name was on the first line!!!!!!! How strange is that!!! My name is rarely spelled correctly and then, there it is in a baby bible!!!! I’m scared.

The gem of the day. A super well made Michael Scott briefcase with retractable handles.

Look how well my laptop fits!!!

Good day.