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29 Nov


I know it’s been a hot minute but, this Saturday Rubyassata and Freaker USA will slinging all things glittery at the Durham Armory from 11AM to 5PM.


We tried some fun things ( like abstract, neon canvas made into oversized clutches) and we got tiny wallets for days!!!

Tiny Wallets



23 Feb

I made 20 tiny wallets yesterday. I threw a couple up on etsy.

Today RUBYASSATA is in the StarNews for our kickstarter, along with our friend Anghus Houvouras. Read all about it  here!

And our kickstarter video is on the Encore homepage! Right now we are are at 13% of our goal. Help us get to 100% and get some cool rewards at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/672315495/rubyassata-handbags !!!!

I received this book a couple years ago for my birthday. Basically, Nylon magazine published a book about fashion in music. Well, there is one chapter on the style of music goers. It’s just a bunch of random people at shows. For some reason I started reading the names of the people under the pictures. (As if I would know one of them??)

Anyway, funny enough I see this picture of. . .

ST. VINCENT!!! Annie Clark was just being cool at Austin City Limits and they took her picture and put her in the book not even knowing she was the musician St. Vincent or if they did, they didn’t mention it.  I found this very interesting.

EXPLODING tiny wallets

22 Feb

Just made a whole new batch of tiny wallets!!!

If you were wondering how my pants are being held up today . . . the answer is suspenders.

LiTTle boXes. . .

16 Feb

Last night I pulled together a little goodie box for a far away friend. I inclosed a tiny wallet, a bottle freaker and an old school RUBY Y SASSY screen printed shirt.

I drew the city on the card. The perspective is a little off but maybe, he likes his perspective askew.


17 Jan

Tiny wallets are here and they are up on Etsy! Perfect for an everyday wallet or for that awesome new clutch or business cards or your fine collection of heart stickers or condoms or make your own gum pack! You choose…

A new HOBO is also in the works. Made by RUBYASSATA for RUBYASSATA!

Also, here are a few things Alisha has been working on for Charlotte based designer Tara Davis.


17 Jan

Here’s the latest and greatest from rubyassata company.

It’s the new TINY WALLET!!

For all those clutches your normal wallet won’t fit into or when you are going to a show and you don’t want a bag to weigh you down, TINY WALLET is here for you.

We are still working the kinks out, should have a finished product up on Etsy tomorrow.


RUBYASSATA bags leave a lot of scraps behind. We don’t like waste, so we made these awesome headbands with colorful fabric to adorn your head. Soon to be in Ribbet Salon in Wilmington, NC.