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5 Feb

This was one of our favorite quirky films at sundance. Directed by Greek director Athina Rachel Tsangari. It’s mix between Dogtooth and Daisies.  It also was one of my favorite posters. . .

Check out the trailer. . .


ThE WooDS!

4 Feb

The Woods is a quirky, beautiful, hipster film  directed by Matthew Lessner we saw at Sundance.

It’s about a group of young 20 somethings creating their own utopia in the woods of Oregon with only the necessities. . .  a flat screen tv, nintendo wii, copy machine, unlimited supply of candy, washer and dryer and karaoke machine.

The story is a little all over the place but, we’ll watch anything with ponies and pretty colors.

SuNdaNce cHAnneL hQ

29 Jan

Yesterday, Courtney and I ventured into the Sundance HQ lounge. Amazing. It’s three floors of awesomeness to be exact.

Open bar!

Met a bartender who melted down his wedding ring to make this gem!

This typewriter was set up to write whatever you want! We wrote RUBYASSATA.COM over and over again.

Hung out with these folks in the boot cleaning lounge. Met Shane from Morgans Village Cobbler who taught us so much about leather protection! We also told all the girls about our feather earrings from Edge of Urge.

martha marcy may MARLENE

28 Jan

Martha Marcy May Marlene, directed by Sean Durkin, is an amazing film about a girl (Elizabeth Olsen) leaving a cult and the struggle of readjusting. Chad and Jonathan worked on it this summer in upstate NY.  The party for the film was held at a mansion on a mountain, and of course our favorite quartet was in attendance.  Here are a couple pictures from party house, and a still from the film!


Please hurry home girls.  We miss you (sadface).

HamMer to naiL

25 Jan

The crew has survived a 2nd day in Park City, have been to proportionally more parties than films, and have somehow found the time to send me bits and pieces of updates.  Last night they went to a “Hammer to Nail” party.  Hammer to Nail is this really cool blog all about film.  Michael Tully, Cucalorus alum and director of 2011 Sundance film, Septien, writes for it.  Do yourself a favor and visit the site.  With topics like Netflix Hidden Gems, Sundance (obviously), Cine-Debates, and a Film Calendar, it has just become my favorite blog.  Besides this one of course!  Add it to your Bloglovin list.  I just did.



red carpetz


24 Jan

A sneak preview of all the Sundance Shenanigans.  More to come!!! 


I’d like to give a shout out to my homies Jane and Moxie who helped me with the blog post yesterday while feeding me wine and hors d’œuvres.  Thanks girls.

NEW SUNdance HoBO!

19 Jan

Alisha finally had a chance to make herself a bag! Her very own RUBYASSATA bag!

The leather is hard to describe and tends to take in the colors that surround it. It has hints of gold, green, grey and brown. It has a really dope blue vintage polka dot print as the lining. The bag has 2 zipper pockets, 2 additional inside pockets, and an adjustable strap. PERFECT for traveling to Sundance!