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PriNT. FooD. PriNT. FooD.

7 Jul

7.5.11 grilled TUNA spinach sallad
Lots of amazing dinners and a little kickstarter screen printing.

All of this went into . . .

7. 3. 11- poor kids SARDINE pasta.

Along, with sardines the pasta was arranged with all the goodies from the above picture.

This was my first idea for the kickstarter canvas print. I did it a while back.

6. 30. 11 slappy white’s two bean CHILI

The corn, tomatoes, peppers and onions were roasted on the grill before turning into magic chili.

Ohhh look at that new monogramed NORTH CAROLINA field notes!!! Get your own here.

This is the the start of the the KS print on canvas. I don’t think it’s quite finished yet. . .

Tomatoes from the farmers market.

7. 7. 11 hedley lamarr VEGETABLE wrap

Green beans count as protein, right? Regardless, it was stupid good.

Sooooo. . . still not satisfied with where my other KS prints were going, I decided to do another print.

I had to used student grade emulsion for the new print which is good and bad.

The new print is yet another cityscape but with clothes lines. I’m liking the way things are looking.

I promise ALL kickstarter rewards will be done before summer ends!!!!!

I’m finally REALLY headed back to Wilmington today to be reunited with Courtney and my old life.

Updates to follow. . .


screen MAYBE print

10 May

I’ve been working on ideas for our kickstarter screen print. I think its going to be a hand drawn-cut-painted cityscape. Maybe.

I cut this little drawing out of contact paper.

I hope to have this abstract RUBYASSATA logo in the background. This could all go horribly  wrong. I’m going to try to print in the morning.

AND!!! Thanks to all of our fabulous kickstarter backers we now have our very own industrial sewing machine!!

Thankfully, my  dad put the machine together. It was just a bunch of metal and plastic parts in boxes with no instructions. Some how he figured out what to do. Kind of amazing.

(See the other sewing machine in the background? Baby factory!!!)

new bag MAGIC

26 Mar

I’m in the process of making a couple bags. I really like this color combination. It reminds me of a French circus.

This one is fun, too!

These new YKK zippers are pretty slick.

Screen printed a bunch of logos for wallets and such, too.

17 days until the end of your kickstarter and 17 days until the Style Swap in Charleston.

I have a lot of sewing to do. . .

PRINT love

20 Mar

I’m been working on drawings and prints for posters and tote bags. I have a folder on my desktop of screen prints that I find attractive. Here are a few. . .

Mostly, I’m thinking about how one would print these posters by hand.

This is one of my favorites.

ohh transparent blood.

All posters are from gigposters.com or fffffound.com.

You know I’m making prints and bags for kickstarter rewards??? Want one???


We only have 23 days left!!! PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR GOAL!!!

Thanks LAURA and CN STEWART for donating!!!!!

ART by the YARD

21 Feb

Jacqueline Groag was a British surface designer in the 1950’s.

Paper Dolls- 1967

This pretty lady is Lucienne Day. Here are some of her prints.

Fall, 1952

Lapis, 1953

High Noon, 1965

Miscellany, 1952


LOVE, LOVE,  love their work. In a perfect world I would print all my own linings and dye my hair blonde like Jacqueline. Maybe one day . . .


21 Feb

We still have 50 days left to get this kickstarter project funded!  Thanks for all of the wonderful support!

Here’s another glimpse at our handmade rewards.

$76 level: handmade screen printed artwork on canvas!

$199 level: handmade screen printed artwork on a heavy weight canvas tote!

These are all examples of artwork by Alisha. She is creating a super special piece for our wonderful kickstarter backers!