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SiP ON ThIS . . .

7 Dec

While we feverishly edit photos and update our site, dig on this video . We love you .


Up ALL niGht

29 Nov

With the Handmade Holiday Market only 5 days away. (gasp!) We have a lot of work to do. I really feel like the only way to start this night was with Courtney’s mom’s chocolate chest pie and a cup of coffee.

I’m trying a lot of new designs with raw leather and no lining I’m excited about.

Miss Courtney went to see Future Island tonight but, she left me little organized stacks of to-dos.

There’s always time for a sharpie tattoo.

AND new business cards!! A very talented little lady is designing them for us. YAY!

so much to do . . . so little time. . .



NYlon NerD!

24 Aug

A lifetime goal of mine and RUBYASSATA CO is to be published in the magazine Nylon. Last week I got kinda close? I drew the handwritten name  purple rain for FREAKER USA and it was on the Nylon for guys blog.  YAY!!! FREAKERS!!!! I would call that a triumph, even if it’s a small one!!

Unfortunately the RUBYASSATA studio is still in boxes. . . and we  still have a few Kickstarter rewards to deliver. BUT we did just order some new leather for bags!!!!!! TRUNK show soon!!!!! and we need this bar (with whiskey) for the studio. . .

We love everyone and can’t wait to get the studio back together and start sewing bags again!!!!!!

PriNT. FooD. PriNT. FooD.

7 Jul

7.5.11 grilled TUNA spinach sallad
Lots of amazing dinners and a little kickstarter screen printing.

All of this went into . . .

7. 3. 11- poor kids SARDINE pasta.

Along, with sardines the pasta was arranged with all the goodies from the above picture.

This was my first idea for the kickstarter canvas print. I did it a while back.

6. 30. 11 slappy white’s two bean CHILI

The corn, tomatoes, peppers and onions were roasted on the grill before turning into magic chili.

Ohhh look at that new monogramed NORTH CAROLINA field notes!!! Get your own here.

This is the the start of the the KS print on canvas. I don’t think it’s quite finished yet. . .

Tomatoes from the farmers market.

7. 7. 11 hedley lamarr VEGETABLE wrap

Green beans count as protein, right? Regardless, it was stupid good.

Sooooo. . . still not satisfied with where my other KS prints were going, I decided to do another print.

I had to used student grade emulsion for the new print which is good and bad.

The new print is yet another cityscape but with clothes lines. I’m liking the way things are looking.

I promise ALL kickstarter rewards will be done before summer ends!!!!!

I’m finally REALLY headed back to Wilmington today to be reunited with Courtney and my old life.

Updates to follow. . .


LauNcH! LAunCh! LaUnCH!

10 Feb

Our KICKSTARTER has officially been launched! Please look at our page and check out the BEAUTIFUL video Justin Mitchener made for our kickstarter project!

Please tell EVERYONE you know about our project. Even if you can’t donate, we would love your help on passing the word!

bIRthDaY BOnanZA

22 Jan

Hey guys!  Whitney here.  I’m taking over the blog while the other RUBYASSTA girls are in Park City, Utah for Sundance.  And, just to clear things up, Courtney Bridgers has been doing the blog posts for a while, which is where the “we” comes from.  Not the “royal we.”   So, WE had a birthday dinner for Alisha last night in Wilmington and invited all our favorite girls.  Almost everyone showed up and brought presents, wine, and ingredients to make the most delicious curry.  Sara even made a killer cheesecake.  Here are a few photos from the festivities.

Kaleidoscope necklace from and made by the gorgeous Jessie Yeager.

It was a really magical, perfect night.