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SpARklES !

24 Jan

Have you seen the new Edge of Urge homepage ? ! ? As always, Keith Ketchum knocked it out of the park with his beautiful photos . (and beautiful babes too ! )

Check out the Satellite Clutch ! Find it at Edge of Urge in downtown Wilmington !

This C O A L satellite clutch is lined with one of our favorite prints, LUMBERSMACK !

A ND back in the studio ! Fresh leathers and spankin’ new ideas just in time for our trunk show at EOU on February 18th ! ! There will definitely be cheese . . .



GIVeAwAY ! ! !

2 Dec

One more reason to bring 5 can goods and see amazing handmade products tomorrow at the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET, a RUBYASSATA GIVEAWAY ! ! !

The FIRST person to bring there 5 can goods down to Crow Hill, find our awesome table and say these words : IMMACULATE CONCEPTION ! ! ! You know what you get ! ? ! ? ! A FREE TINY WALLET ! ! ! Yeah, that’s right . C R A Z Y .

Check out everything we made in our new favorite print LUMBERSMACK ! Did we tell you that everything is under $100 ! ? ! ?

N E W Female Wallet ! BAM !

Spankin’ new clutch ! Are you kidding me ?

Men’s and tiny wallets ! Oh yayyyyy !

This is how we feel about you . We will be up all night so could someone bring us coffee in the morning ? Love ya, mean it . ( AND thanks to the lovely Emily Caulfield for this inspirational photo. )





29 Nov

Sewing and coffee and Otis Redding Christmas jams are the best combination .

Don’t forget 5 cans of nonperishable food items for the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET ! Food drives rule ! AND just for you, all of our handmade goods are under $100 on Saturday ! W H A T ? !

Our new intern Dallas spent his evening casting spells and making potions while we slaved over the sewing machines . . . (He might be fired .)

Oh the LUMBERSMACK ! A little love for our dear friends over at FREAKER USA . A great gift for the lumberjack in your family . (Don’t play, we all have one .)

KINgS of SUNday .

28 Nov

Sit back and relax ! This is our Sunday . . .

Sausage balls for breakfast ! YAY !

Look at all those new prints ! Can you believe it ? !

That’s right, handmade tags ! Sober enough to make theses . . .

Our wonderful neighbors brought over oysters last night . Can you believe that ? The season of giving .

Do you know where the ASSATA came from ? ! Meela does and she will tell you allllll about Assata Shakur on an upcoming blog post ! ( Yes, she can read and type .)

Don’t forget about the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET this Saturday ! ( How could you ? ! ) It’s going to blow your mind .

Sneak peak of our FAVORITE new print ! You might even get a peak at all the new products we made with this print tonight ! WHAT ? ! You are special . . .