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NeW YoRK StORe ! ! !

15 Sep

What’s that you say ! ? ! RUBYASSATA has a new store in NYC ? ! Do tell !

It’s true ! Check out the grand opening of Su’Juk tomorrow night in Brooklyn ! Expect awesomeness and new Rubyassata treats !

Fresh Alvin Cases ! !

New wallets ! !

Bowties for all !

Stop by Su’Juk tomorrow night and high five somebody new !


30 Mar

Did you see us over at Edge of Urge ? ! ?

Last week Alisha and I played with them on a sunny afternoon !

It was like playing dress up ! All the shoes we wanted ! All the skirts and earrings and feathers ! I even put on make up . . .

Trust me ! We are no professionals . .

BIG BIG THANKS to everyone at Edge of Urge AND the wonderful Keith Ketchum . I really could kiss all of you on the mouth . Check out our new tiny wallets in the webstore and the full blog here ! ! !

GiVEaWAY ! ! !

15 Feb

Are you coming to the trunk show ? ! ?

For a special TREAT ! ! ! We will be giving away screen prints to the first 10 people that make a purchase at the trunk show ! ! W H A T ? ! ? It’s all crazy . You better be there . . .

And just for fun, a little sneak peak at our new backpacks ! We introduce to you The DARIA . (Gigi, you’re so pretty.)


13 Apr

What a whirlwind week we’ve had. Last night, while attending Style Swap Charleston, we MET OUR GOAL ON KICKSTARTER !

The work never ends but we really can’t wait to make all of our wonderful backers goodies. This also means that we can order our sewing machine within the next 15 days ! ! ! AND we get to make our new line ! ! We are still letting this all sink in.

Here are a few photos from our trip. We will add more after exploring today !

There are still 5 hours to go if you are feeling sassy ! Donate here!


17 Mar

There are some fabulous things on sale at  RUBYASSATA etsy store!!! For starters this super rad wallet made with 1980’s vintage material. This wallet is one of a kind. The leather has pink undertones, how could you not love it ???

(my personal wallet is made out of this leather)

You don’t know how many times I wanted to take this off the etsy site for myself.

and this backpack/laptop holder. . .

One of my favorite prints, this is the only bag left with the gigi floral fabric! It would make an excellent picnic tote.

and this shopper with the classy blue polka dot. . .

All of these bags were made by me (with magic) with super unique vintage fabric. Go on over to etsy and scoop them up!!!

I heart YOU

12 Feb

This is the start  of our heart fundraising wall/board. Every time someone pledges on our kickstarter page we’ll write your name on a tiny heart and put it on our wall/board. (Improvements to the actual wall/board to come.)

Small but strong.

(THANK YOU: Jessie, Sydney, Ryan, Whit, Gigi, Leigh and Jane for your contribution!!!)

If you would like your name on a tiny heart and our eternal thanks. . . go here!!!!!!

Courtney doesn’t wear make up. For the trunk show she wore mascara. I took this cute picture of her applying it.


6 Dec

I really love these shoes. I fell in love with them maybe a year ago? But someone just recently gifted me a pair. (THANK YOU!) Each shoe is handmade in Guatemala and then signed by the artisan who crafted it. How uniquely beautiful is that!?

Check these kids out- www.osborndesign.com