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VaLenTinE SpECiAL !

6 Feb

Do you have a loved one that likes looking fancy ? I bet you do . . .

Because we love you so much, order a bow tie from our etsy site before February 11th and we will hand make a Valentine’s Day card for you ! ! ! WHAT ?

AND don’t forget about that good ol’ trunk show .

GIVeAwAY ! ! !

2 Dec

One more reason to bring 5 can goods and see amazing handmade products tomorrow at the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET, a RUBYASSATA GIVEAWAY ! ! !

The FIRST person to bring there 5 can goods down to Crow Hill, find our awesome table and say these words : IMMACULATE CONCEPTION ! ! ! You know what you get ! ? ! ? ! A FREE TINY WALLET ! ! ! Yeah, that’s right . C R A Z Y .

Check out everything we made in our new favorite print LUMBERSMACK ! Did we tell you that everything is under $100 ! ? ! ?

N E W Female Wallet ! BAM !

Spankin’ new clutch ! Are you kidding me ?

Men’s and tiny wallets ! Oh yayyyyy !

This is how we feel about you . We will be up all night so could someone bring us coffee in the morning ? Love ya, mean it . ( AND thanks to the lovely Emily Caulfield for this inspirational photo. )




KINgS of SUNday .

28 Nov

Sit back and relax ! This is our Sunday . . .

Sausage balls for breakfast ! YAY !

Look at all those new prints ! Can you believe it ? !

That’s right, handmade tags ! Sober enough to make theses . . .

Our wonderful neighbors brought over oysters last night . Can you believe that ? The season of giving .

Do you know where the ASSATA came from ? ! Meela does and she will tell you allllll about Assata Shakur on an upcoming blog post ! ( Yes, she can read and type .)

Don’t forget about the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET this Saturday ! ( How could you ? ! ) It’s going to blow your mind .

Sneak peak of our FAVORITE new print ! You might even get a peak at all the new products we made with this print tonight ! WHAT ? ! You are special . . .




BROWN baggin’ IT

30 Oct

I know it’s been about a million years since I’ve blogged. This is SOOOO going to change. I am going to start blogging more!!!  Here’s some fun stuff I’ve made lately. . .

We were in need of a cheep halloween costume and paper Indian people seemed like a good solution. I used some brown paper bags, construction paper and a shit ton of hot glue.

I kept the dress two pieces and used a ribbon to belt it in the back. I considered tapping the sides together but I wouldn’t have been able to sit down.

Dallas made arrows out of sticks and bird feathers from the yard. (Yeah, he didn’t take the shot gun out.)

Going without a shirt was much more authentic.

Jessie aka i like it here club went as the moon from the Mighty Boosh or just the moon.

Papper indian dress in action at the Freaker USA/No Dollar Shoes/Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine halloween party at Satellite!


5 Apr

You know if you give to our kickstarter you get awesome handmade gifts? I made some pictures to illustrate this better.

With every $14.00 donation and up, all backers will receive a handmade handwritten thank you card from us!

These aren’t some crappy corporate Hallmark greeting cards. These are works of freaking art thanks you cards.

How about a sexy bottle freaker?? Made to keep drinks cool or wear it on your arm like this fancy lady.

A hand drawn, one of a kind pen and ink drawing???

Oh! Oh! Artwork from Jonathan David Guggenheim!! Could be anything coming from this kid?? Anything awesome!!!

Everyone needs a luggage tag and a place to put their business cards!

It doesn’t get any better than handcrafted i like it here club jewelry!!!

I’m going to design and screen print artwork just for kickstarter and print it on canvas!

Kinda my favorite, handmade screen printed tote bags on heavy weight canvas with leather handles.

They should be pretty snazzy.

The big, big reward is all of the above! I will make you a custom hobo, wallet, luggage tag and card holder!!!

All of the rewards will be handmade when kickstarter ends. Help us give people rewards.

If we don’t reach our goal- we don’t get any of the chashmoney- and the world will be deprived of their art.

That would be terrible. So, go to our KICKSTARTER and donate and tell everyone you know about us!!!!!!! WE ONLY HAVE 8 DAYS!!!!

TEN reasons to give to our KICKSTARTER!

25 Mar

1. Get your name on a heart.

2. Supporting American companies is awesome.

3. Supporting the arts is crucial.

4. Courtney gives great high fives.

5. We upcycle fabric = good for the earth.

6. Make two nice girls really happy.

7. Support good design.

8. Courtney can finally buy a dinosaur.

9. Excellent handmade rewards.

10. All the cool kids are doing it.



3 Feb

For all of you rubyassata lovers, don’t forget we still have items up on etsy! Stick with us while we are working on a new line!!

Cardholder or tiny wallet, you choose.

Buffalo clutch with a bow on top!

Bifold men’s wallet with anchor print.

Leather heart shaped luggage tag.

Our favorite piece to date. Awesome women’s wallet.