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SHAkeQUakE !!!

7 Jun

Freaker USA and Cucalorus are having a party !! AND a parade!!!! AND grilled cheese!!!! YAY!!

It’s all going down on Sunday June 10th.

1PM- Shake parade starts on Water and Front. Bring something to shake or something to shake will be provided for you as you march to the party.

2:30PM- The festivities really get going at Jengo’s Playhouse (815 Princess St.)! Music! Grilled Cheese! Glitter! Mannequins! Everyone’s welcome!

For the lastest ShakeQuake info: Freaker USA’s BLOG


BROWN baggin’ IT

30 Oct

I know it’s been about a million years since I’ve blogged. This is SOOOO going to change. I am going to start blogging more!!!  Here’s some fun stuff I’ve made lately. . .

We were in need of a cheep halloween costume and paper Indian people seemed like a good solution. I used some brown paper bags, construction paper and a shit ton of hot glue.

I kept the dress two pieces and used a ribbon to belt it in the back. I considered tapping the sides together but I wouldn’t have been able to sit down.

Dallas made arrows out of sticks and bird feathers from the yard. (Yeah, he didn’t take the shot gun out.)

Going without a shirt was much more authentic.

Jessie aka i like it here club went as the moon from the Mighty Boosh or just the moon.

Papper indian dress in action at the Freaker USA/No Dollar Shoes/Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine halloween party at Satellite!

HOMe SwEEt home?

7 Jun

So many crazy things have happened in the past couple weeks. Here’s a list.

We moved into old farm house.

Won’t stop raining.

We move out of old farm house.

We move into a different house. (ironically my great uncle build in the 1960’s.)

Someone stole the air conditioning unit in new house.

The transporter with all my parents things is 4 days late.

Transporter comes.

My dad has a heart attack. yep. (he’s doing well, now)

Spent some time in a hospital 40 minutes away.

Now, it’s 95 degrees, just got air conditioning yesterday.

Also, I have no service on my phone unless, I go into town.

We can’t get the internet at new house so I’ve been using AT&T USB quicksilver. I used 65% of the data plan in 7 days.

AND my calculator watch broke.

On the upside, I love being able to see my whole family all the time and it’s really pretty here.

(I also have an amazing St. Louis trip planned next week that should bring my spirits up.)

My grandma’s three bean salad. (Good for my dad’s heart.)

This is Sally the turtle. She lives at my house.

That’s a deer in my front yard. 

I have seen more animals in a week then I’ve seen in ten years.

Congratulations FREAKER USA !!! They met their Kickstarter goal. Dreams do come true.

Here is a collection I made last year of Mokane, MO, if you’re interested.

Ohh, internet how I miss you. . . and North Carolina. I can’t wait to get home and finish all those Kickstarter rewards.

Super miss.

Movin’ on UP

20 May

Well it’s done. Everything I own is in Wilmington. (Even my car) It’s been a long couple of days.

On Sunday I’m driving my mom’s car to Missouri. I’ll be gone for a month and RUBYASSATA will have to be on hold. We desperately tried to get all the kickstarter rewards finished but, everything happened too fast. Don’t worry, we promise you’ll get them as soon as I get back and RUBYASSATA is whole again!

This move wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing freaker moving team. We barely had room in the uhaul for all my crap.

It doesn’t help that I inherited a lot of things from my parents, like this kick ass 1980’s stereo. Who wants to listen to records?

It was so hard. Old chucks. . . gone.

While in Missouri I’m gong to do drawings in my new personalized field notes memo book and post them on the blog. (Hopefully I’ll have the internet)

I just wanted to remind you that FREAKER USA only has 17 days left on their kickstarter project. They are great friends of ours making a cool and practical good in the USA. Give and share. Give and share.Give and share.Give and share.Give and share.


26 Apr

Basically, I have been filling my days with drawings and thank you cards. I’m not posting the drawings because, I want them to be a surprise.

Here’s a thank you card from a guest artist.

New old fabric!! I love new old fabric! Let me know if you run across any good prints?

Look what was just mailed to RACO(rubyassata company)!!! New markers, pencils, and paper!! Super excited. (Notice that hot pink le pen!!)

Also, this beautiful umbrella can be all yours!!! I just posted it on the Sundae, Sundae, Sundae vintage site.

Because we received so much love from Kickstarter we want to showcase  a new kickstarter project each week. We have to start with our good friends at Freaker USA!!!! Spread the love and get your FREAKER on!!!!!!!!!