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FAmOuS !

7 May

LOOK WHAT WE FOUND IN ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ! ? Yes that IS Jennifer Connelly. Yes that IS a Rubyassata Hobo STRAP ! A little silly but the closest RA has been to fame ! (YET!) Check out this bag and many others on the upcoming feature film “Writers“. (Shot in Wilmington, NC!)

In other exciting news, it has been the birth week of the beautiful Gigi Cunningham ! We finished it off with a little Sunday brunch.

Birthday brunch teacup time .

Fruit, breakfast burritos, mimosas, and friends !

Alisha’s great grandmother made this ! It helps her sew like a BOSS . . .

Rubyassata is finishing up another shipment for Young Blood in Atlanta ! Find this Nellie Alvin Case and more in the next couple of weeks ! Hope everyone had a kick ass weekend . We missed the super moon ! ! ! Did anyone grab a good shot ?



21 Oct

I’ve been waiting forever to make something out of this vintage floral material.

Tomorrow is the day.

Maybe I’ll have enough left over to make a bifold wallet?

soooo pretttyyy!! (Thanks Gigi)