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WoRDs WitH BeNJi HugHeS.

11 Jun

Alisha hit the jackpot last week when she found these gems. She took these photos on my birthday in 2009 when we barely knew each other ! CRAZY ! I also had the opportunity to catch up with Benji Hughes yesterday and this is what he had to say . . .

It’s been a while since Benji has visited Wilmington. He claims to be doing a lot with JBRN(jam band recovery network). He says, “They do really good work. A lot of people need help after being exposed to years of jam band music. They repair broken unicycles and sandals.  Also- JBRN sends out groovy vibes when people get wigged out.”

Of course I had to ask what his dream man bag would look like! “I haven’t ever thought much about man bags. I guess a bag that looks like a fish would be pretty cool. Made of a softish yet durable fabric.”

I also learned that Benji would never donate his body to science or let us make bags out of his skin.

I heard on the streets that Benji is working on a new album but he offered no information. He did tell me he would shower in Wilmington. That’s fresh.

Come play with us on June 14th and 15th for a time you will never forget! Tickets can be purchased at Gravity Records, Edge of Urge or The Calico Room. Online tickets can be found over at Freakerusa !



29 Feb

Have you heard of The Makery ?

If you haven’t, you should ! A sweet little sister trio from North Carolina ! They deeply support North Carolina craftspeople and are hoping to send some local love out in to the world .

They talked with me recently and did a lovely little post about us and why we believe so deeply in local and handmade ! AND like them on Facebook would you . . .

Up ALL niGht

29 Nov

With the Handmade Holiday Market only 5 days away. (gasp!) We have a lot of work to do. I really feel like the only way to start this night was with Courtney’s mom’s chocolate chest pie and a cup of coffee.

I’m trying a lot of new designs with raw leather and no lining I’m excited about.

Miss Courtney went to see Future Island tonight but, she left me little organized stacks of to-dos.

There’s always time for a sharpie tattoo.

AND new business cards!! A very talented little lady is designing them for us. YAY!

so much to do . . . so little time. . .




27 Nov

We are in the final home stretch of being ready for the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET !

ONLY 5 cans of food to get in ! ? ! BAM !

First step : cut that leather. ( Thanks FREAKER for letting us take over your space ! They will be at the market making you smile . . . )

Then printing our new logo with the new baby screen from Seaside Screen Printing !

BAM ! A bizillion tags !

Look for luggage tags, tiny wallets, men’s and women’s wallets, clutches, tote bags, bowties, unicorns and other awesome items at the market ! We can’t wait to show you all the new goodies !

OH YEAH ! One of our favorite babes in Wilmington will be there !  Jessie Yeager of I LIKE IT HERE CLUB ! Trust me, you need to own everything she makes !





8 Aug

JESS+JESS+JESS=AWESOME. These three lovely ladies are trying to save the world by trimming the waste in fashion . Let’s help them shall we?

TO HELP VOTE AT 3:00PM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!
Please click on this flyer, set up an account, and become a fan of THE TRIANGLE ! They need our help ! One day these ladies will save the world . . . and look really hot doing it.

For more of their work go here . . . EOU!!!!!!!


2 Feb

We are SLOWLY recovering from our amazing trip to Utah! Sundance was wonderful and we also spent a day in Moab, a destination in Southern Utah. We are still processing our trip so for now, we wish we were recovering here..

This place is EPIC! Masion Moschino is a fairy tale themed hotel in Milan.

We’ll take the ribbon room please…

Big shout out to Edge of Urge for featuring rubyassata on their homepage!

Oh, Happy Heart Day!!!

30 Nov

I received this lil’ handmade Edge of Urge gift from the amazing Jessie Yeager. She knows all about my addiction to hearts. Love, Love, Love!!!

Thanks Jessie!!!!