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23 Apr

Yesterday was the perfect rainy sewing day. I spent some time working on a new hobo concept. I can’t believe I haven’t made a one in over a year. So, I sat down and started getting my brain back in hobo mode.

This “Watson” print is the lining for the next hobo. It’s a creepy awesome hunting scene with guns, birds and hunting dogs. It’ll be interesting to see how it looks in a handbag.

I made time today to finally repair this classy St. Johns cardigan. It had a ton of tiny moth holes that needed a little darning. Now I just need a fancy party to wear it to or I’ll just wear it to work and pretend I’m at a fancy party!

While sewing in the rain, Courtney was loading film in Yemassee, South Carolina!! She slept in this old hunting lodge!

This is the entrance to the 1,000 acre plantation where she has been staying!

A morning view of oak trees and cows.

Film time! Apparently this one was being to loud for sound.

Little lead painter bade.

This is the Old Sheldon Church, a location Courtney shot at in Yemassee! It was built between 1745 and 1753 and burned down in 1779 during the Revolutionary War.

While I was sewing Dallas did some drawing.

We finished the day with a four corn black bean soup. Yum-town. Hope you had a happy weekend.

Up ALL niGht

29 Nov

With the Handmade Holiday Market only 5 days away. (gasp!) We have a lot of work to do. I really feel like the only way to start this night was with Courtney’s mom’s chocolate chest pie and a cup of coffee.

I’m trying a lot of new designs with raw leather and no lining I’m excited about.

Miss Courtney went to see Future Island tonight but, she left me little organized stacks of to-dos.

There’s always time for a sharpie tattoo.

AND new business cards!! A very talented little lady is designing them for us. YAY!

so much to do . . . so little time. . .



PriNT. FooD. PriNT. FooD.

7 Jul

7.5.11 grilled TUNA spinach sallad
Lots of amazing dinners and a little kickstarter screen printing.

All of this went into . . .

7. 3. 11- poor kids SARDINE pasta.

Along, with sardines the pasta was arranged with all the goodies from the above picture.

This was my first idea for the kickstarter canvas print. I did it a while back.

6. 30. 11 slappy white’s two bean CHILI

The corn, tomatoes, peppers and onions were roasted on the grill before turning into magic chili.

Ohhh look at that new monogramed NORTH CAROLINA field notes!!! Get your own here.

This is the the start of the the KS print on canvas. I don’t think it’s quite finished yet. . .

Tomatoes from the farmers market.

7. 7. 11 hedley lamarr VEGETABLE wrap

Green beans count as protein, right? Regardless, it was stupid good.

Sooooo. . . still not satisfied with where my other KS prints were going, I decided to do another print.

I had to used student grade emulsion for the new print which is good and bad.

The new print is yet another cityscape but with clothes lines. I’m liking the way things are looking.

I promise ALL kickstarter rewards will be done before summer ends!!!!!

I’m finally REALLY headed back to Wilmington today to be reunited with Courtney and my old life.

Updates to follow. . .


screen MAYBE print

10 May

I’ve been working on ideas for our kickstarter screen print. I think its going to be a hand drawn-cut-painted cityscape. Maybe.

I cut this little drawing out of contact paper.

I hope to have this abstract RUBYASSATA logo in the background. This could all go horribly  wrong. I’m going to try to print in the morning.

AND!!! Thanks to all of our fabulous kickstarter backers we now have our very own industrial sewing machine!!

Thankfully, my  dad put the machine together. It was just a bunch of metal and plastic parts in boxes with no instructions. Some how he figured out what to do. Kind of amazing.

(See the other sewing machine in the background? Baby factory!!!)

d r a w D R A W I N G S

29 Apr

Is it ok to advertise our addresses???

I got this lil package in the mail from Courtney. Pretty much made my week. (Justin-thanks for the NYTM)

I said I wasn’t going to post any of the kickstarter drawings but, ok, well, here’s a chandelier.

and a watch.  I bet you could buy a watch like this from American Apparel.

This is an illustration from Chris Dent.

He lives and creates in London. I could stair at his drawings for hours upon hours.

Also in London, fashion illustrator Yiunam Leung. Maybe they know each other?

This one is kinda my favorite. I’m a sucker for glasses. She does commission work, too.

Holla at her – yiunam1@hotmail.com.

I saw this on I LIKE IT HERE CLUB, being that markers are the most awesome medium alive, I fell in love and investigated that this drawing was colored by Hollis Brown Thornton from South Carolina.

He also does these cool collages, with what looks like wallpaper.

You can buy prints of his work at- http://hollisbrownthornton.bigcartel.com/

Hatboxes don’t transport well.

tonight’s the NIGHT

16 Mar

If and (hopefully) when we reach our kickstarer goal, I’m going to have produced more than a few drawings and screen prints. I thought, tonight is the night I start working on some. Above is a drawing of a building in NYC.

While drawing, I listened to Neil Young and fantasized about seeing him on the 7th row in a small, intimate venue. This fantasy will be a reality on April 16th.  I’m sure I’ll gush about it when I get back if I haven’t died of happiness. (This is one of my favorite songs. . . probably because it says ruby in it. . .)

Took some time to update the heart fundraising wall. We are up to 36 backers!!! Keep it up!!!!

Did I mention we were on the kickstarter blog??!!!!??? Cassie over at kickstarter said some really, really sweet and thoughtful things about us. We couldn’t be more stoked about it!!! Give it a read. (Thanks!)

I want to thank everyone who donated over the last week. Recently- Ben Emmel, Nicole Milliken and rue_dreamer. You are all very kind people.

P.S.- On a sad real note, I just want to say RUBYASSATA hearts go out to everyone Japan.

LiTTle boXes. . .

16 Feb

Last night I pulled together a little goodie box for a far away friend. I inclosed a tiny wallet, a bottle freaker and an old school RUBY Y SASSY screen printed shirt.

I drew the city on the card. The perspective is a little off but maybe, he likes his perspective askew.