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NeW YoRK StORe ! ! !

15 Sep

What’s that you say ! ? ! RUBYASSATA has a new store in NYC ? ! Do tell !

It’s true ! Check out the grand opening of Su’Juk tomorrow night in Brooklyn ! Expect awesomeness and new Rubyassata treats !

Fresh Alvin Cases ! !

New wallets ! !

Bowties for all !

Stop by Su’Juk tomorrow night and high five somebody new !


27 Nov

We are in the final home stretch of being ready for the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET !

ONLY 5 cans of food to get in ! ? ! BAM !

First step : cut that leather. ( Thanks FREAKER for letting us take over your space ! They will be at the market making you smile . . . )

Then printing our new logo with the new baby screen from Seaside Screen Printing !

BAM ! A bizillion tags !

Look for luggage tags, tiny wallets, men’s and women’s wallets, clutches, tote bags, bowties, unicorns and other awesome items at the market ! We can’t wait to show you all the new goodies !

OH YEAH ! One of our favorite babes in Wilmington will be there !  Jessie Yeager of I LIKE IT HERE CLUB ! Trust me, you need to own everything she makes !




THinGs & oTHer ThINGs .

23 Jun

Separation makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that. ( and now we are OVER IT ! )

Alisha and I have been in two different parts of the country BUT we want you all to know that we will be back in action oh so very soon. Oh, and we still have some items up on Etsy and some special love sprinkles at Edge of Urge in Wilmington, NC. Expect some fresh new beauties soon !

Bowtie oh my ! ( can also be worn on your head ! )

Hobo with Shea print ! yeah !

Vintage tree print !

AND for all of our kickstarter babes, we haven’t forgotten you . promise, promise, promise .


11 Apr

Back. In. Action. Alisha and I have been working on a bazillion  projects for the past 2 days. Gearing up for Charleston Style Swap AND the end of our Kickstarter campaign. (  All happening so soon ! ) Check out more photos on our Flickr.

New mascot . . .

Bowties coming together.

Rad new stamp.



we (heart) you.



CHARLESTON stock list

24 Mar

I’ve been working on goodies for the Style Swap in Charleston on April 12th. Building bags and such.

Here are a few swatches for wallets. BAM.

and BOW TIES!!! Since, we’re going to Charleston, I thought I should whip up some bow ties. Charleston has to be in the top ten bowtie friendly cities in the country.


7 Mar

Alright party people, we have 36 days to go on kickstarter! We just wanted to let everyone know that we really appreciate the support and love we are getting for this project! PLEASE tell your friends about us and we will make them something amazing!

Another thing…we’ve decided to offer other rewards that aren’t listed on our Kickstarter page. If you can think of something that you would enjoy more PLEASE let us know! Alisha is super talented and could make anything you throw out.

For example, she’s has been making bowties as of late.

OR maybe you want a leather headband!

OR an awesome birthday banner?

OR personalized table linens! You name it, we can make it!

Thank you, Whitney, Ross, Benjamin Jones, David Guggenheim, Andrew Diroll-Black and Carol Roggemann for donating to our kickstarter this week! You rock!

Thanks for all of your help. We love you.

ROSS is a classy DUDE

5 Mar

If you remember my blog post, CLASSY DUDES WEAR BOWTIES . . . I said that I would trade a bowtie for kickstarter cash. Ross from Virginia took me up on it. Here’s the bowtie I made him. How awesome is that??!!

tie one on

2 Mar

I made a couple more ties today. One for a friend and one for myself.

ohhh, floral.

(p.s.- not so good at tying bowties yet and in my world bowtie is one word and I hate taking pictures of myself. )

I received some awesome packages today. One from the adorable Courtney Young. She accidentally shrank a couple of cashmere sweaters and hoped I could give them a new life. (Isn’t her letter cute and she cut out a heart! )

I can’t even stop looking at this print I love it so much. The lovely Jade of JewelryWhore sent it to me.

Soooo pretty!!!

Also enclosed, this Edward Gorey card. I feel like that blonde girl sometimes and I like her dress.

New mens wallet  out of black leather and cool southwestern print ??

We’ll see tomorrow.

(Courtney’s mom gave us that fabric. Thanks mom.)


1 Mar

I was recently commissioned to make a self-tie bowtie for a birthday. (I’m taking my chances he doesn’t read the blog.) I think it turned out well. They are pretty fun to make, I don’t know why more people don’t make them?

I had only made formal band bowties in the past.  (look at me with blonde hair!!)

It’s was hard to get the shape and length the way I wanted it. I made a few poorly constructed prototypes to get it right.

I really want to make more now. . . maybe the skinny “batwing” bowties? Anybody need a bowtie? I’ll trade you one for a donation to our kickstarter?