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FAmOuS !

7 May

LOOK WHAT WE FOUND IN ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ! ? Yes that IS Jennifer Connelly. Yes that IS a Rubyassata Hobo STRAP ! A little silly but the closest RA has been to fame ! (YET!) Check out this bag and many others on the upcoming feature film “Writers“. (Shot in Wilmington, NC!)

In other exciting news, it has been the birth week of the beautiful Gigi Cunningham ! We finished it off with a little Sunday brunch.

Birthday brunch teacup time .

Fruit, breakfast burritos, mimosas, and friends !

Alisha’s great grandmother made this ! It helps her sew like a BOSS . . .

Rubyassata is finishing up another shipment for Young Blood in Atlanta ! Find this Nellie Alvin Case and more in the next couple of weeks ! Hope everyone had a kick ass weekend . We missed the super moon ! ! ! Did anyone grab a good shot ?


9 Jun

Going DIY this week ! To follow the watermelon shark, add this task to your home depot sunday list . ( home depot sunday blog coming soon ! )

Step 1 : Find an awesome box covered in green felt that has a glass top in your neighbors garbage pile .

Step 2 : Add friends, preferably 2 . ( sam brown not pictured . )

Step 3 : Add paint, glitter, scissors, hot glue, yarn, toy soldiers, animals and anything else you deem necessary .

Step 4 : Paint a river . The bear needs a place to fish .

Step 5 : Build a train so supplies can get to the members of society . Yarn trees are also a must !

Step 6 : Pick one animal to be king . Paint it black and gold . Name it something like “empire moose” .

Step 7 : Name a spot you wish to go to . Make a sign . Raise it in glory .

Step 8 : Set up your new land .

Step 9 : DON’T ! Shatter your dreams . . .

TaKE AwAY ShoWs !

24 May

I found this music website, la blogotheque, a long time ago and as of recent, I can’t stop watching all the amazing take-away shows that have come from it. It’s not just your ordinary site, the trick is to get a band in a spontaneous moment whether that be playing in the streets or a cathedral of some sort. They also keep all of the raw sound ! Here are a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy as much as I do . . .

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NeW THIngS !

12 May

It’s been a while since I have written on the blog and this is why…

I’m too busy wearing around these shark/dinosaur suits with Em !

BUT really, I’m getting prepared for Alisha’s arrival. Today I had a few good finds at the thrift store.

HEART MUGS ! Only for use during Saturday brunch..

We will put this in the studio to hold a few of our important files…

Set of 5 ! .39 cents each ! These will be for after dinner party cappuccinos. .

These will be VERY useful in the studio. Still working on what they will become. Stay tuned..

Oh, Meela and Em say hello !

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WouLD Y O U PleASE ? ? ?

5 May

Check out our dear friend Bibis ! She is currently in the top 20 of 500 ! to be selected for a new show on FOX 50 called the X Factor !

She’s so UBER talented and will blow you away with her voice !

Here’s how to help. Click on the picture above, watch her video and comment about how awesome she is. The final 3 will will be selected to on May 9th and sent to Dallas to audition for the show !


MoUNTaiNS of ThANKS ! ! !

3 May

RUBYASSATA is buried deep in thank you cards and packages. Coming to a mailbox or porch near you…

Getting organized.

Don’t forget to check out the freaker team and their very own kickstarter project !

Meela Budgens will be hand delivering packages around Wilmington.

A special gift for Jessie. Have you seen her jewelry ? You probably should..

Courtney is good at drawing unicorns…

This is just the beginning…

FrONt PaGE !

12 Apr

Rubyassata made in on the front page of KICKSTARTER for the second time ! We are 30 hours away ! 84% funded ! So, so close !

And now we are leaving for CHARLESTON , S C. Style swap TONIGHT from 7-9pm.

Wish us luck .


10 Mar

Check out the new updates we did to the rubyassata website!

Thanks to Hillary Dye, Lindsey Cero, Archibald Hepinstall, Julia Lucas, Jeremy S. Griffin, and Emily Sheetz for their excellent donations this week! 33 days to go!


21 Feb

We still have 50 days left to get this kickstarter project funded!  Thanks for all of the wonderful support!

Here’s another glimpse at our handmade rewards.

$76 level: handmade screen printed artwork on canvas!

$199 level: handmade screen printed artwork on a heavy weight canvas tote!

These are all examples of artwork by Alisha. She is creating a super special piece for our wonderful kickstarter backers!

KickSTArtEr UPdaTE #1!

15 Feb

Our kickstarter account has been launched for almost a week now and we are just estatic about the response from our friends. You guys are the best! Check out some of our handmade rewards.

For starters, anything $1 and up come with your name on our heart fundraising wall and a super awesome high-five!

$14-$26: BOTTLE FREAKER Haven’t had a chance to get one of these bad boys yet?! Get it!

$27-$47:  PEN + INK DRAWING by Alisha! (artwork will vary)

$48-$75: ARTWORK BY mr. jonathan david guggenheim! (artwork will vary)

$48-$75: At this level, you also have the option of a set of 5 HANDMADE AWKWARD GREETING POSTCARDS!