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16 May

The Rubyassata girls enjoyed a little wedding fun, separately, last weekend ! Here are the pictures to prove it . . .

Hazard ?


Jon, a GIANT cat painting and I ! (You know I stood by this all night.)

Alisha and her new dress.

It was also Mother’s Day ! The beginning of new linens for Dallas’ mom !┬áThis is where you pull a fiber on the linen to get a straight line for cutting !

Finished product ! A little Alisha and Dallas collaboration. What did you get your mom for the special occasion ?



2 May

Last weekend, Dallas and I packed up our fanciest clothes and headed to Fort Mill, SC for a Chad and Whitney Rossman’s wedding.

The wedding was in this amazing old dairy barn.

Rustic beauty.

Bride and groom.

Dallas and I Freaked the entire wedding party.

Whitney changed into her dancin’ shoes.

The bride threw her bouquet from a silo.

Meanwhile, in Wilmington, Courtney was at a birthday party in the park with a PARACHUTE!

Meela spent her weekend lounging on the neighbor’s porch. What a lady!

This week we’re making new goodies for YoungBlood!!! Pictures to follow!!!