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thrifty GALORE

26 Feb

Potential buyers looked at the house today. While they were looking my mom and I went thrifting. (above, another sewing book I don’t really need. It was published in 1963, my favorite year, so I had to get it.)

I have a thing for watches. This is a Swatch-looking Timex with a referee man on the face. Weird.

I use to have a kool aid watch like this when I was a kid. Remember collecting the points on the back to get stuff?

Now, if I could only find that minnie/mickey mouse watch I’ve been searching for. . .

Awesome floral umbrella? YES!

This combines my love of florals and tins.

At my local thrift store, they have a whole wall of surprise grab bags. I chose the one on the left for the envelopes. (You know, for all those handmade kickstarter thanks yous!!!) I chose the bag on the right for the hello kitty pencil case. (It has bows and it’s pink- come on!!)

The contents of the bag above. Note the small blue gideon bible in the corner.

I opened it and . . .

My name was on the first line!!!!!!! How strange is that!!! My name is rarely spelled correctly and then, there it is in a baby bible!!!! I’m scared.

The gem of the day. A super well made Michael Scott briefcase with retractable handles.

Look how well my laptop fits!!!

Good day.



3 Feb

For all of you rubyassata lovers, don’t forget we still have items up on etsy! Stick with us while we are working on a new line!!

Cardholder or tiny wallet, you choose.

Buffalo clutch with a bow on top!

Bifold men’s wallet with anchor print.

Leather heart shaped luggage tag.

Our favorite piece to date. Awesome women’s wallet.

ThE GREat OutDOors.

16 Jan

Here’s a collection we threw together of rustic bags we adore. We appreciate their craftsmanship and attention to detail. All bags made in the U. S. A.

This comes from Filson, based out of Seattle, Washington, Filson’s believes in making high quality products that are tough and comfortable.

Forestbound is a company based out of Massachusetts. Each bag is cut and sewn by the designers. All bags are made exclusively out of found and salvaged materials.

This awesome rucksack is made by Archival Clothing. All cut and sewn in Springfield, Oregon in an owner-operated facility.

Awesome seaside tote handmade by Stanley & Sons. All products are handmade to order in Brooklyn, NY. They also have a killer website!


BONEYARD Wallets on Etsy!

16 Jan

New BONEYARD collection up on Etsy! One of a kind leather wallets made with vintage fabrics. We’re in the process of making a small collection from the remnants of past projects. Most of these fabrics will never be seen again. We will be back in the studio tomorrow to make more.

Our favorite piece! We call this the lisa turtle 80s flashback wallet…

Business casual Saturday.

Don’t forget RUBYASSATA can do commissioned items! E-mail us at: