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NeW YoRK StORe ! ! !

15 Sep

What’s that you say ! ? ! RUBYASSATA has a new store in NYC ? ! Do tell !

It’s true ! Check out the grand opening of Su’Juk tomorrow night in Brooklyn ! Expect awesomeness and new Rubyassata treats !

Fresh Alvin Cases ! !

New wallets ! !

Bowties for all !

Stop by Su’Juk tomorrow night and high five somebody new !

VOoDOo & SaSHEs .

18 Apr

With all of the film work buzzing around town, we have been busy little bees in the Rubyassata studio. Not only did we have our bags featured on “Writers”, which we heard Jennifer Connelly really enjoyed our stuff, we have been asked to make other items . . .

Like curtains ! ! !

Here they are being used on the set of  “Jessabelle”.

This snake was there too . . .

For the same film, Emily took some of our fabric scraps and made voodoo dolls ! ! !

It doesn’t stop there ! We also made queen sashes that were used on a commercial for the London Olympics !

You know we had to try them on !

OH ! Check out Alisha’s new pants ! She picked these bad boys up last weekend at  Beanie + Cecil.  Made in America by Rag & Bone.

Don’t forget about our new store in Atlanta ! Stop by Young Blood Gallery and Boutique if you’re around. Sent them a package of goodies last week !

OH, MISS hoffman !

2 Mar

Maybe I’m a little late on this but, who is Mara Hoffman? I just found her. She makes killer swimsuits.

I don’t really have a need for a swimwear but, I do like this dress.

Yes, yes, yes.

You got, polka dots, triangles, cardigan with pockets and matching sweater skirt. What’s not to love here?

From what I’ve read everything is made in America. So, if you see Mara Hoffman around NYC you tell her I like what she’s putting down.

(all photos


Yep, that’s us us on the front page of Kickstarter!! Wasn’t that sweet of them to put us on the front page!!!!

ThE GREat OutDOors.

16 Jan

Here’s a collection we threw together of rustic bags we adore. We appreciate their craftsmanship and attention to detail. All bags made in the U. S. A.

This comes from Filson, based out of Seattle, Washington, Filson’s believes in making high quality products that are tough and comfortable.

Forestbound is a company based out of Massachusetts. Each bag is cut and sewn by the designers. All bags are made exclusively out of found and salvaged materials.

This awesome rucksack is made by Archival Clothing. All cut and sewn in Springfield, Oregon in an owner-operated facility.

Awesome seaside tote handmade by Stanley & Sons. All products are handmade to order in Brooklyn, NY. They also have a killer website!