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29 Nov


I know it’s been a hot minute but, this Saturday Rubyassata and Freaker USA will slinging all things glittery at the Durham Armory from 11AM to 5PM.


We tried some fun things ( like abstract, neon canvas made into oversized clutches) and we got tiny wallets for days!!!

Tiny Wallets


GLitter MAKes the WorLD a BriGHTer PLACE!

24 Jun

Yep, that’s a homemade glitter iphone case. You know you wanna make one.

I woke up and said to Courtney, “We must glitter my phone case!”  and so we did.

We taped off the inside and made this handle to have full glitter control.

This chunky 1970’s glitter of my great grandmother’s was just screaming to be used.

First , you coat the top of the phone case in glue and smother with glitter. I wouldn’t use Mod Podge, maybe spray adhesive? We used Mod Podge (see below). You just need the glitter to stick. Then you mix two-part high gloss resin together and pour over. It takes about 2 days to dry and then BAM, glitter iphone magic!

Wahwaaahhh. . . about a week later it tore off. It was fun while it lasted. (I bet it was the stupid children’s grade Mod Podge.)

FaThEr’S DAY ! !

3 Jun

Father’s Day is just around the corner and RUBYASSATA has just what your dad needs !

How about a Tiny Wallet ? ! ?

OR a fancy new bow tie ?!?!

Jump on over to our ETSY to pick up something today ! We will even wrap it up for you !

BEnJi HuGHes.

26 May

Do you have your party pants on ? !

2 magical nights in June . Sponsored by all of your local favorites including RUBYASSATA ! This show is not something to be missed. We guarantee your heart will explode with glitter ! That’s a promise…


2 May

Last weekend, Dallas and I packed up our fanciest clothes and headed to Fort Mill, SC for a Chad and Whitney Rossman’s wedding.

The wedding was in this amazing old dairy barn.

Rustic beauty.

Bride and groom.

Dallas and I Freaked the entire wedding party.

Whitney changed into her dancin’ shoes.

The bride threw her bouquet from a silo.

Meanwhile, in Wilmington, Courtney was at a birthday party in the park with a PARACHUTE!

Meela spent her weekend lounging on the neighbor’s porch. What a lady!

This week we’re making new goodies for YoungBlood!!! Pictures to follow!!!


23 Apr

Yesterday was the perfect rainy sewing day. I spent some time working on a new hobo concept. I can’t believe I haven’t made a one in over a year. So, I sat down and started getting my brain back in hobo mode.

This “Watson” print is the lining for the next hobo. It’s a creepy awesome hunting scene with guns, birds and hunting dogs. It’ll be interesting to see how it looks in a handbag.

I made time today to finally repair this classy St. Johns cardigan. It had a ton of tiny moth holes that needed a little darning. Now I just need a fancy party to wear it to or I’ll just wear it to work and pretend I’m at a fancy party!

While sewing in the rain, Courtney was loading film in Yemassee, South Carolina!! She slept in this old hunting lodge!

This is the entrance to the 1,000 acre plantation where she has been staying!

A morning view of oak trees and cows.

Film time! Apparently this one was being to loud for sound.

Little lead painter bade.

This is the Old Sheldon Church, a location Courtney shot at in Yemassee! It was built between 1745 and 1753 and burned down in 1779 during the Revolutionary War.

While I was sewing Dallas did some drawing.

We finished the day with a four corn black bean soup. Yum-town. Hope you had a happy weekend.


1 Apr

Matthew, the intern at Freaker, posted this video to the company FB page last week. At first watch I was scarred and a little nauseated but there is just something about those Die Antwoord kids that makes you want to know more.

Is this South African rap-rave group real?

What’s with those haircuts?

Who made these awesome newspaper tape costumes?

Those drawings on their clothes are pretty cool .

What does this remind me of ???? . . . the kids in GUMMO.


White bleach bleach blond.

Weird kid like costumes.

and then I found this short that Harmony Korine directed confirming my suspicions.

Design is a Plan

19 Mar

After watching EAMES: The Architect and The Painter I’m head over heels in LOVE with the Eames and their spaces.

Charles and Ray Eames are the dynamic duo behind the ever so famous herman miller chairs.

“Take your pleasure seriously.”  – Charles Eames

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

pinafores. button up oxfords. petter pan collars. bows. pearl post earrings.

She was a notorious pack rat, who’s skirt pocket linings made all the way to her hem so she could hide notes and napkins.

Ray’s office packed with goodies.

Look at that flat file cabinet!

Ray Eames print.

The Eames House, Case Study House #8.

“What works is better than what looks good. The looks good can change, but what works, works.”

SpARklES !

24 Jan

Have you seen the new Edge of Urge homepage ? ! ? As always, Keith Ketchum knocked it out of the park with his beautiful photos . (and beautiful babes too ! )

Check out the Satellite Clutch ! Find it at Edge of Urge in downtown Wilmington !

This C O A L satellite clutch is lined with one of our favorite prints, LUMBERSMACK !

A ND back in the studio ! Fresh leathers and spankin’ new ideas just in time for our trunk show at EOU on February 18th ! ! There will definitely be cheese . . .


ViRTUal ShOP .

8 Dec

We have new items up on ETSY and they are flying off the virtual shelves ! ( Just in time for the holidays ! ! )

Luggage Tag ! ! For all you travel lovers .

Tiny Wallets in every variety !

Men’s Wallet !

Lumbersmack Women’s Wallet ! ( More women’s wallets coming soon . . )

The Satellite Clutch ! BAM ! Good for any occasion !

We also do commissioned items so let us know if you need something else ! We will try our best to bust it out before the holidays ! ! !