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6 Nov





I’ve been away for the past couple of weeks working on a film about space camp ! Check out my adventure !

America is cool.

 Space people.

A real life Saturn V . This could actually go to space !

A fake rocket.

On the moon.Took my first dive lesson in the astronaut training tank!

Marlowe and I don’t play.This is Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN! Underground waterfall!


Stalactites just hanging around.

The real life Ruby Falls.

Another waterfall at Lookout Mountain, TN.

This is the spot on Lookout Mountain where you can see seven states !


RUBYASSATA is preparing for the homemade holiday sale in Wilmington ! Check back for info on the whereabouts !



23 Jun

A friend met me in St. Louis toward the end of my trip.

Here I am at a Cardinals game looking the part. Budweiser and freaker in hand. I’m such a sports fan.

Did you know people really stand up and stretch during the 7th inning stretch?

We had kick ass bloody marys at Rooster. Voted best breakfast and in St. Louis.

Looking  at the field notes itinerary .

and yummy magical black bean crepes.

This is outside of the St. Louis art museum. It was free and really beautiful.

My favorite exhibit was William Kentridge, “Visual Musing.”

I took about 25 pictures of his work before they asked me stop. Apparently, you couldn’t take pictures of this particular exhibit.










This is Calder ? At least that’s what the title said.

I want to put all of rubyassata‘s stuff in these.

We stayed at Dwell 912, modern bed and breakfast .

Front porch love.

The whole apartment was decorated with local art and vintage furnishings.

View from the balcony.

Looking at things this way.

Amazing 100 year old spiral staircase to the upstairs bedroom.

I may have had some drinks .  .  .

Living/dining room.

In the morning we had an organic breakfast made by owner Jenn from these chickens. Super cool.

You should really check out Dwell 912 if you are in the St. Louis area.

So. . . I should be in Wilmington right now BUT my great grandmother past way yesterday morning. She was 92 and will be missed.

Five more days in Missouri . Leaving Tuesday.  Miss my North Carolina so bad. Miss Courtney so bad.  Just super miss.


14 Apr

We are officially back from Charleston and gearing up to make allllll of our kickstarter rewards ! But first, some fun things we did on our trip !

OMG ! We’ve discovered our new favorite thing ! BILLY REID ! A fashion designer from Florence, Alabama ! His clothing reminds us of the 40s work force. So clean and functional. Everything is made in the USA, Canada, or Italy. We spend over an hour in the store touching every item ! Check him out !

Here are some photos from our walk around town.