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NYlon NerD!

24 Aug

A lifetime goal of mine and RUBYASSATA CO is to be published in the magazine Nylon. Last week I got kinda close? I drew the handwritten name  purple rain for FREAKER USA and it was on the Nylon for guys blog.  YAY!!! FREAKERS!!!! I would call that a triumph, even if it’s a small one!!

Unfortunately the RUBYASSATA studio is still in boxes. . . and we  still have a few Kickstarter rewards to deliver. BUT we did just order some new leather for bags!!!!!! TRUNK show soon!!!!! and we need this bar (with whiskey) for the studio. . .

We love everyone and can’t wait to get the studio back together and start sewing bags again!!!!!!


7 Aug

We are finally (almost) moved in to our new home !

Antlers and deer skulls were of the most importance.

And then it was my birthday !

This is are studio and all of the things we will put in it. Crazy…

Kickstarter packages are almost done ! Get ready . . .

Alisha is working with FREAKER USA now as the team has hit the road ! After there very own kickstarter success, they are now traveling around the country throwing cheese and freakers at everyone ! Look for them in a town near you !

NeW THIngS !

12 May

It’s been a while since I have written on the blog and this is why…

I’m too busy wearing around these shark/dinosaur suits with Em !

BUT really, I’m getting prepared for Alisha’s arrival. Today I had a few good finds at the thrift store.

HEART MUGS ! Only for use during Saturday brunch..

We will put this in the studio to hold a few of our important files…

Set of 5 ! .39 cents each ! These will be for after dinner party cappuccinos. .

These will be VERY useful in the studio. Still working on what they will become. Stay tuned..

Oh, Meela and Em say hello !

Do you follow us on Twitter? Facebook?  YOU SHOULD !

WanT WAnt wAnT.

17 Jan

Soon we will move back to Wilmington in hopes of finding the perfect house so we can build our new studio. Here are a few things we want in the meantime..

A flat filing cabinet would be perfect for patterns and other important documents.

Who doesn’t need a Le Pen?

Need something to keep our internet boxes safe and warm! Made by Kate Spade.

1963 Nova Station Wagon! Company car…

We’re aspiring for this look.

Heart shaped tea cups?!?! Yes please!

This awesome farmhouse is the most important item on our list. We need a place that is big enough to live in and create in. Might even have chickens…

BONEYARD Wallets on Etsy!

16 Jan

New BONEYARD collection up on Etsy! One of a kind leather wallets made with vintage fabrics. We’re in the process of making a small collection from the remnants of past projects. Most of these fabrics will never be seen again. We will be back in the studio tomorrow to make more.

Our favorite piece! We call this the lisa turtle 80s flashback wallet…

Business casual Saturday.

Don’t forget RUBYASSATA can do commissioned items! E-mail us at:

VinTAGE GoodiES.

15 Jan

Stumbled in this AMAZING shop called Hong Kong Vintage! Please check them out if you are in or around Charlotte. It impresses us SO much when you can walk in a vintage shop and everything is organized!

Another Sundance flick we are excited about it! “Martha Marcy May Marlene“, directed by Sean Durkin! (Chad and Jonathan helped make this beauty.)

Back to the drawing board. The next couple of days we will be working on the look and design of the next small production run of RUBYASSATA bags! This might be a preview…


14 Jan

Today is the day that god put Shea Carver on this beautiful earth. She is such a swell lady that we both look up to. Here is the present we made her for the occasion.

Happy Birthday J Shea! We love you and miss you! Thanks for being so awesome.



13 Jan

Do you have a bottle freaker yet? Our office is always equipped.

This is our super secret RUBYASSATA moleskine!

I just got a present in the mail. A HAPPY BIRTHDAY gift from Glo!




13 Jan

Getting some Stumptown Coffee in the mail soon! This coffee started in Portland and is now carried in Seattle and New York. (Mostly in the beautiful ACE Hotel.)

Inspiration for our new studio. (Coming soon!)


Another Sundance film we can’t wait to see! “Little Birds“, directed by Elgin James. In the U.S. Dramatic Competition.