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6 Nov





I’ve been away for the past couple of weeks working on a film about space camp ! Check out my adventure !

America is cool.

 Space people.

A real life Saturn V . This could actually go to space !

A fake rocket.

On the moon.Took my first dive lesson in the astronaut training tank!

Marlowe and I don’t play.This is Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN! Underground waterfall!


Stalactites just hanging around.

The real life Ruby Falls.

Another waterfall at Lookout Mountain, TN.

This is the spot on Lookout Mountain where you can see seven states !


RUBYASSATA is preparing for the homemade holiday sale in Wilmington ! Check back for info on the whereabouts !


9 Jun

Going DIY this week ! To follow the watermelon shark, add this task to your home depot sunday list . ( home depot sunday blog coming soon ! )

Step 1 : Find an awesome box covered in green felt that has a glass top in your neighbors garbage pile .

Step 2 : Add friends, preferably 2 . ( sam brown not pictured . )

Step 3 : Add paint, glitter, scissors, hot glue, yarn, toy soldiers, animals and anything else you deem necessary .

Step 4 : Paint a river . The bear needs a place to fish .

Step 5 : Build a train so supplies can get to the members of society . Yarn trees are also a must !

Step 6 : Pick one animal to be king . Paint it black and gold . Name it something like “empire moose” .

Step 7 : Name a spot you wish to go to . Make a sign . Raise it in glory .

Step 8 : Set up your new land .

Step 9 : DON’T ! Shatter your dreams . . .


5 Jun

Do you need an idea for an ultimate summer party hit ! ? ! ? Sam, Emily and I have you covered. Make a watermelon shark for all of your summer needs. ( or just for fun . . .)


Next, we make an octopus . . . 

NeW THIngS !

12 May

It’s been a while since I have written on the blog and this is why…

I’m too busy wearing around these shark/dinosaur suits with Em !

BUT really, I’m getting prepared for Alisha’s arrival. Today I had a few good finds at the thrift store.

HEART MUGS ! Only for use during Saturday brunch..

We will put this in the studio to hold a few of our important files…

Set of 5 ! .39 cents each ! These will be for after dinner party cappuccinos. .

These will be VERY useful in the studio. Still working on what they will become. Stay tuned..

Oh, Meela and Em say hello !

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NOthing aNd EVerYtHinG

22 Jan

Packing for sundace, ect. . .

or drinking out of measuring cups and not packing . . .


11 Jan

Today has been full of graphic design, business planning and updating the RUBYASSATA web presence! (maybe I will start using twitter..) And a little snackin’ off…

AND what we’ve been waiting for ALL week…

Yesterday was my birthday! Here’s the beautiful, yummy, double chocolate cake my mom made for me!

Oh, and check out these paper art images. So, so cool.