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bEfore & AftEr

13 Aug

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! It feels like FOREVER since we’ve done a blog post!! Courtney has been busy making movie magic and I’m knee-deep in the world of Freaker.

Somehow I accidentally reupholstered our dining room chairs this weekend.

(First of all, if you live in Wilmington, that discount fabric store on Kerr Avenue is going out of business. Really cheap upholster fabric. Go there before it’s gone.) I found a cool woven rail road stripe material that would be perfect to chevron. Here is a good little refresher on how to sew a chevron pattern.

Our old fabric had that oh-so-gross-1990’s-mom look about it and it was way too matchy with the rug. I just unscrewed the seat from the chair, took out the staples and used the old fabric as a pattern.

You should add a few inches to pull when stapling it on the seat. Then cut off the excess, like Dallas is doing above.

TA-DA!!! Fancy new chairs! Isn’t that much better?

In the mean time I’ve been working on a new small envelope clutch. I used some of the scraps from the chairs on the second prototype. I still haven’t figured it out. . .  yet.


5 Dec

We had such a wonderful time at the handmade holiday market ! All of our friends were there and the vendors were incredible ! There are some seriously talented people in this town . We will be taking new items to Edge of Urge this week ! ( Christmas is getting close ! Everyone in your family probably needs something RUBYASSATA . )

We always travel with gold hearts .

AND the winner of our giveaway was the beautiful J Shea Carver ! This is the tiny wallet she picked .

Our tiny table !


Alisha showing off all the goodies .

To finish up our long week we had a birthday celebration last night for our lovely friends Jessie and Zach . It was quite magical and so nice to see our friends .

GIVeAwAY ! ! !

2 Dec

One more reason to bring 5 can goods and see amazing handmade products tomorrow at the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET, a RUBYASSATA GIVEAWAY ! ! !

The FIRST person to bring there 5 can goods down to Crow Hill, find our awesome table and say these words : IMMACULATE CONCEPTION ! ! ! You know what you get ! ? ! ? ! A FREE TINY WALLET ! ! ! Yeah, that’s right . C R A Z Y .

Check out everything we made in our new favorite print LUMBERSMACK ! Did we tell you that everything is under $100 ! ? ! ?

N E W Female Wallet ! BAM !

Spankin’ new clutch ! Are you kidding me ?

Men’s and tiny wallets ! Oh yayyyyy !

This is how we feel about you . We will be up all night so could someone bring us coffee in the morning ? Love ya, mean it . ( AND thanks to the lovely Emily Caulfield for this inspirational photo. )





29 Nov

Sewing and coffee and Otis Redding Christmas jams are the best combination .

Don’t forget 5 cans of nonperishable food items for the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET ! Food drives rule ! AND just for you, all of our handmade goods are under $100 on Saturday ! W H A T ? !

Our new intern Dallas spent his evening casting spells and making potions while we slaved over the sewing machines . . . (He might be fired .)

Oh the LUMBERSMACK ! A little love for our dear friends over at FREAKER USA . A great gift for the lumberjack in your family . (Don’t play, we all have one .)

SpAcE CAse !

17 Jul

I’m currently working on the TV show “Eastbound & Down” ! I was asked by my supervisors to make an insulated case to protect the magazines from the heat of the sun .

This is what I call a space blanket !

This is a film magazine . It holds 1,000 feet of 35 millimeter film !

We had to measure the magazine with Alisha’s phone charger because we didn’t have a soft measuring tape . (in one week we will have a house with all of our supplies ! and a read studio ! )

Making a pattern .

Alisha and her fancy gold shoes .

Sewing time . . .

This is the final product ! yeah !

Ta da ! Our new house will be ready next week so our Kickstarter loves will be getting fresh packages real soon !


















ThE GREat OutDOors.

16 Jan

Here’s a collection we threw together of rustic bags we adore. We appreciate their craftsmanship and attention to detail. All bags made in the U. S. A.

This comes from Filson, based out of Seattle, Washington, Filson’s believes in making high quality products that are tough and comfortable.

Forestbound is a company based out of Massachusetts. Each bag is cut and sewn by the designers. All bags are made exclusively out of found and salvaged materials.

This awesome rucksack is made by Archival Clothing. All cut and sewn in Springfield, Oregon in an owner-operated facility.

Awesome seaside tote handmade by Stanley & Sons. All products are handmade to order in Brooklyn, NY. They also have a killer website!


BONEYARD Wallets on Etsy!

16 Jan

New BONEYARD collection up on Etsy! One of a kind leather wallets made with vintage fabrics. We’re in the process of making a small collection from the remnants of past projects. Most of these fabrics will never be seen again. We will be back in the studio tomorrow to make more.

Our favorite piece! We call this the lisa turtle 80s flashback wallet…

Business casual Saturday.

Don’t forget RUBYASSATA can do commissioned items! E-mail us at:

VinTAGE GoodiES.

15 Jan

Stumbled in this AMAZING shop called Hong Kong Vintage! Please check them out if you are in or around Charlotte. It impresses us SO much when you can walk in a vintage shop and everything is organized!

Another Sundance flick we are excited about it! “Martha Marcy May Marlene“, directed by Sean Durkin! (Chad and Jonathan helped make this beauty.)

Back to the drawing board. The next couple of days we will be working on the look and design of the next small production run of RUBYASSATA bags! This might be a preview…


14 Jan

What a day! At least we got some new leather to make new super, awesome RUBYASSATA bags!!!

We also found this super (secret) deal happening right now at Books A MillionMoleskines 2010-2011 planners for only $8.00! You know you gots to have one! ( I think you can only get this deal in the store…)

Today was an EPIC HUNT for snow boots for our trip to Sundance! Gah! We REALLY don’t like malls and ended up ordering these jems off the internet. Made by Cabela’s.


10 Jan

Here’s a sneak peak from the SNOWshoot! More to follow.

Look at Shea Carver! She made a snowman in Wilmington, NC!

New luggage tags up on ETSY!

HEART SHAPED! (you know I LOVE hearts!)

Regular tags!