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NYlon NerD!

24 Aug

A lifetime goal of mine and RUBYASSATA CO is to be published in the magazine Nylon. Last week I got kinda close? I drew the handwritten name  purple rain for FREAKER USA and it was on the Nylon for guys blog.  YAY!!! FREAKERS!!!! I would call that a triumph, even if it’s a small one!!

Unfortunately the RUBYASSATA studio is still in boxes. . . and we  still have a few Kickstarter rewards to deliver. BUT we did just order some new leather for bags!!!!!! TRUNK show soon!!!!! and we need this bar (with whiskey) for the studio. . .

We love everyone and can’t wait to get the studio back together and start sewing bags again!!!!!!

THinGs & oTHer ThINGs .

23 Jun

Separation makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that. ( and now we are OVER IT ! )

Alisha and I have been in two different parts of the country BUT we want you all to know that we will be back in action oh so very soon. Oh, and we still have some items up on Etsy and some special love sprinkles at Edge of Urge in Wilmington, NC. Expect some fresh new beauties soon !

Bowtie oh my ! ( can also be worn on your head ! )

Hobo with Shea print ! yeah !

Vintage tree print !

AND for all of our kickstarter babes, we haven’t forgotten you . promise, promise, promise .

TExAS LovE .

22 Jun

While Alisha is still stuck in Missouri, I thought it would be the perfect time to visit my best friend Erin in Austin, Texas . I had never been to the city before and had heard so many great things about it ! Needless to say, I had a WONDERFUL time .

Bison Burger . Tasty . . .

Erin’s adorable house in an adorable neighbor .

At night, this tower looks like an owl ! I kid you not . . .
I am a very colorful robot . . .

Can you believe these ! ? !

Sucks that Alisha hates pork . .

Sure . . .

Window outside of Erin’s work !

Food trucks rock my world !

At a pool party . . .

Finger puppets at Cory’s house !

TaKE AwAY ShoWs !

24 May

I found this music website, la blogotheque, a long time ago and as of recent, I can’t stop watching all the amazing take-away shows that have come from it. It’s not just your ordinary site, the trick is to get a band in a spontaneous moment whether that be playing in the streets or a cathedral of some sort. They also keep all of the raw sound ! Here are a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoy as much as I do . . .

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NeW THIngS !

12 May

It’s been a while since I have written on the blog and this is why…

I’m too busy wearing around these shark/dinosaur suits with Em !

BUT really, I’m getting prepared for Alisha’s arrival. Today I had a few good finds at the thrift store.

HEART MUGS ! Only for use during Saturday brunch..

We will put this in the studio to hold a few of our important files…

Set of 5 ! .39 cents each ! These will be for after dinner party cappuccinos. .

These will be VERY useful in the studio. Still working on what they will become. Stay tuned..

Oh, Meela and Em say hello !

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10 Mar

Check out the new updates we did to the rubyassata website!

Thanks to Hillary Dye, Lindsey Cero, Archibald Hepinstall, Julia Lucas, Jeremy S. Griffin, and Emily Sheetz for their excellent donations this week! 33 days to go!


7 Mar

Alright party people, we have 36 days to go on kickstarter! We just wanted to let everyone know that we really appreciate the support and love we are getting for this project! PLEASE tell your friends about us and we will make them something amazing!

Another thing…we’ve decided to offer other rewards that aren’t listed on our Kickstarter page. If you can think of something that you would enjoy more PLEASE let us know! Alisha is super talented and could make anything you throw out.

For example, she’s has been making bowties as of late.

OR maybe you want a leather headband!

OR an awesome birthday banner?

OR personalized table linens! You name it, we can make it!

Thank you, Whitney, Ross, Benjamin Jones, David Guggenheim, Andrew Diroll-Black and Carol Roggemann for donating to our kickstarter this week! You rock!

Thanks for all of your help. We love you.

Speaking of amazing films. . .

27 Feb

Have you seen this kickstarter video Justin Mitchener made for us???

It’s pretty amazing. Maybe not Black Swan amazing, but still good!

I made this new heart fundraising wall. The old one was actually on this cool draw/painting Dallas did.

If you like the idea of me writing your name on a heart shaped piece of paper and you want to see RUBYASSATA make more kick ass bags GO HERE!!!!

EXPLODING tiny wallets

22 Feb

Just made a whole new batch of tiny wallets!!!

If you were wondering how my pants are being held up today . . . the answer is suspenders.


21 Feb

We still have 50 days left to get this kickstarter project funded!  Thanks for all of the wonderful support!

Here’s another glimpse at our handmade rewards.

$76 level: handmade screen printed artwork on canvas!

$199 level: handmade screen printed artwork on a heavy weight canvas tote!

These are all examples of artwork by Alisha. She is creating a super special piece for our wonderful kickstarter backers!