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THinGs & oTHer ThINGs .

23 Jun

Separation makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that. ( and now we are OVER IT ! )

Alisha and I have been in two different parts of the country BUT we want you all to know that we will be back in action oh so very soon. Oh, and we still have some items up on Etsy and some special love sprinkles at Edge of Urge in Wilmington, NC. Expect some fresh new beauties soon !

Bowtie oh my ! ( can also be worn on your head ! )

Hobo with Shea print ! yeah !

Vintage tree print !

AND for all of our kickstarter babes, we haven’t forgotten you . promise, promise, promise .



23 May

Alisha is here . . .

I am here . . . (thanks for the new desk Kit ! ) We are taking this month to divide and conquer ! And SOMEHOW we will do that while Alisha has little to no internet or phone service. yikes !

I sorta feel like this bird I found today when I think about Alisha being in Missouri . . .

 I bought this at Goodwill to make me feel better. Awesome right? Hopefully it will fit over the mantel we don’t have yet.

Oh, and this ! Bam !

Please bare with us as we work from two different parts of the country. We know some of you have yet to receive your kickstarter treats but time can only make them better !  (And I think it makes the heart grow fonder. ) As soon as this duo is back together, your rewards will be arriving in a mailbox near you  . . .

Thanks. We love you all.  x0x0

KickSTArtEr UPdaTE #1!

15 Feb

Our kickstarter account has been launched for almost a week now and we are just estatic about the response from our friends. You guys are the best! Check out some of our handmade rewards.

For starters, anything $1 and up come with your name on our heart fundraising wall and a super awesome high-five!

$14-$26: BOTTLE FREAKER Haven’t had a chance to get one of these bad boys yet?! Get it!

$27-$47:  PEN + INK DRAWING by Alisha! (artwork will vary)

$48-$75: ARTWORK BY mr. jonathan david guggenheim! (artwork will vary)

$48-$75: At this level, you also have the option of a set of 5 HANDMADE AWKWARD GREETING POSTCARDS!