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CaLiFOrniA !

14 May

I’ve been off in California for the past week taking a little vacation and shooting a music video with the lovely Jon Lindsay !


New skirt, new shoes.

We stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel ! It was gorgeous.

Shades in Santa Monica !

Hollywood Boulevard !

I finally made it home to this wonderful mother’s day gift from Meela. (thanks Alisha and Dallas !)

SiP ON ThIS . . .

7 Dec

While we feverishly edit photos and update our site, dig on this video . We love you .

TExAS LovE .

22 Jun

While Alisha is still stuck in Missouri, I thought it would be the perfect time to visit my best friend Erin in Austin, Texas . I had never been to the city before and had heard so many great things about it ! Needless to say, I had a WONDERFUL time .

Bison Burger . Tasty . . .

Erin’s adorable house in an adorable neighbor .

At night, this tower looks like an owl ! I kid you not . . .
I am a very colorful robot . . .

Can you believe these ! ? !

Sucks that Alisha hates pork . .

Sure . . .

Window outside of Erin’s work !

Food trucks rock my world !

At a pool party . . .

Finger puppets at Cory’s house !

DriVE HOmE .

26 May

Took the long way home to Nags Head today ! Here are the photos that happened.

BONEYARD Wallets on Etsy!

16 Jan

New BONEYARD collection up on Etsy! One of a kind leather wallets made with vintage fabrics. We’re in the process of making a small collection from the remnants of past projects. Most of these fabrics will never be seen again. We will be back in the studio tomorrow to make more.

Our favorite piece! We call this the lisa turtle 80s flashback wallet…

Business casual Saturday.

Don’t forget RUBYASSATA can do commissioned items! E-mail us at:

VinTAGE GoodiES.

15 Jan

Stumbled in this AMAZING shop called Hong Kong Vintage! Please check them out if you are in or around Charlotte. It impresses us SO much when you can walk in a vintage shop and everything is organized!

Another Sundance flick we are excited about it! “Martha Marcy May Marlene“, directed by Sean Durkin! (Chad and Jonathan helped make this beauty.)

Back to the drawing board. The next couple of days we will be working on the look and design of the next small production run of RUBYASSATA bags! This might be a preview…


14 Jan

Today is the day that god put Shea Carver on this beautiful earth. She is such a swell lady that we both look up to. Here is the present we made her for the occasion.

Happy Birthday J Shea! We love you and miss you! Thanks for being so awesome.