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WoRDs WitH BeNJi HugHeS.

11 Jun

Alisha hit the jackpot last week when she found these gems. She took these photos on my birthday in 2009 when we barely knew each other ! CRAZY ! I also had the opportunity to catch up with Benji Hughes yesterday and this is what he had to say . . .

It’s been a while since Benji has visited Wilmington. He claims to be doing a lot with JBRN(jam band recovery network). He says, “They do really good work. A lot of people need help after being exposed to years of jam band music. They repair broken unicycles and sandals.  Also- JBRN sends out groovy vibes when people get wigged out.”

Of course I had to ask what his dream man bag would look like! “I haven’t ever thought much about man bags. I guess a bag that looks like a fish would be pretty cool. Made of a softish yet durable fabric.”

I also learned that Benji would never donate his body to science or let us make bags out of his skin.

I heard on the streets that Benji is working on a new album but he offered no information. He did tell me he would shower in Wilmington. That’s fresh.

Come play with us on June 14th and 15th for a time you will never forget! Tickets can be purchased at Gravity Records, Edge of Urge or The Calico Room. Online tickets can be found over at Freakerusa !



1 Apr

Matthew, the intern at Freaker, posted this video to the company FB page last week. At first watch I was scarred and a little nauseated but there is just something about those Die Antwoord kids that makes you want to know more.

Is this South African rap-rave group real?

What’s with those haircuts?

Who made these awesome newspaper tape costumes?

Those drawings on their clothes are pretty cool .

What does this remind me of ???? . . . the kids in GUMMO.


White bleach bleach blond.

Weird kid like costumes.

and then I found this short that Harmony Korine directed confirming my suspicions.

tonight’s the NIGHT

16 Mar

If and (hopefully) when we reach our kickstarer goal, I’m going to have produced more than a few drawings and screen prints. I thought, tonight is the night I start working on some. Above is a drawing of a building in NYC.

While drawing, I listened to Neil Young and fantasized about seeing him on the 7th row in a small, intimate venue. This fantasy will be a reality on April 16th.  I’m sure I’ll gush about it when I get back if I haven’t died of happiness. (This is one of my favorite songs. . . probably because it says ruby in it. . .)

Took some time to update the heart fundraising wall. We are up to 36 backers!!! Keep it up!!!!

Did I mention we were on the kickstarter blog??!!!!??? Cassie over at kickstarter said some really, really sweet and thoughtful things about us. We couldn’t be more stoked about it!!! Give it a read. (Thanks!)

I want to thank everyone who donated over the last week. Recently- Ben Emmel, Nicole Milliken and rue_dreamer. You are all very kind people.

P.S.- On a sad real note, I just want to say RUBYASSATA hearts go out to everyone Japan.


23 Feb

I made 20 tiny wallets yesterday. I threw a couple up on etsy.

Today RUBYASSATA is in the StarNews for our kickstarter, along with our friend Anghus Houvouras. Read all about it  here!

And our kickstarter video is on the Encore homepage! Right now we are are at 13% of our goal. Help us get to 100% and get some cool rewards at !!!!

I received this book a couple years ago for my birthday. Basically, Nylon magazine published a book about fashion in music. Well, there is one chapter on the style of music goers. It’s just a bunch of random people at shows. For some reason I started reading the names of the people under the pictures. (As if I would know one of them??)

Anyway, funny enough I see this picture of. . .

ST. VINCENT!!! Annie Clark was just being cool at Austin City Limits and they took her picture and put her in the book not even knowing she was the musician St. Vincent or if they did, they didn’t mention it.  I found this very interesting.