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NeW YoRK StORe ! ! !

15 Sep

What’s that you say ! ? ! RUBYASSATA has a new store in NYC ? ! Do tell !

It’s true ! Check out the grand opening of Su’Juk tomorrow night in Brooklyn ! Expect awesomeness and new Rubyassata treats !

Fresh Alvin Cases ! !

New wallets ! !

Bowties for all !

Stop by Su’Juk tomorrow night and high five somebody new !

HoBO PaRTy .

21 May

The Rubyassata studio has been super busy making hobo bags again ! It’s been a while . . .

Super favorite prints .

straps on straps on straps .

We’ve changed the top for a more equestrian look ! (I see a toe…)

New tiny wallets are in the works as well ! Find them on ETSY very soon ! ! !


4 Apr

Young Blood is a gallery and boutique in Atlanta for emerging artist and crafters of handmade goods !

In the next couple of weeks, RUBYASSATA will be the newest addition to the boutique !

We have new leather . . .

AND new fabric . . .

To make you beautiful things ! ! ! This is a tiny preview of what we will be sending to Atlanta ! Finished items coming soon .


29 Feb

Have you heard of The Makery ?

If you haven’t, you should ! A sweet little sister trio from North Carolina ! They deeply support North Carolina craftspeople and are hoping to send some local love out in to the world .

They talked with me recently and did a lovely little post about us and why we believe so deeply in local and handmade ! AND like them on Facebook would you . . .

ViRTUal ShOP .

8 Dec

We have new items up on ETSY and they are flying off the virtual shelves ! ( Just in time for the holidays ! ! )

Luggage Tag ! ! For all you travel lovers .

Tiny Wallets in every variety !

Men’s Wallet !

Lumbersmack Women’s Wallet ! ( More women’s wallets coming soon . . )

The Satellite Clutch ! BAM ! Good for any occasion !

We also do commissioned items so let us know if you need something else ! We will try our best to bust it out before the holidays ! ! !

KINgS of SUNday .

28 Nov

Sit back and relax ! This is our Sunday . . .

Sausage balls for breakfast ! YAY !

Look at all those new prints ! Can you believe it ? !

That’s right, handmade tags ! Sober enough to make theses . . .

Our wonderful neighbors brought over oysters last night . Can you believe that ? The season of giving .

Do you know where the ASSATA came from ? ! Meela does and she will tell you allllll about Assata Shakur on an upcoming blog post ! ( Yes, she can read and type .)

Don’t forget about the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET this Saturday ! ( How could you ? ! ) It’s going to blow your mind .

Sneak peak of our FAVORITE new print ! You might even get a peak at all the new products we made with this print tonight ! WHAT ? ! You are special . . .




NeW aND NeWneSS .

21 Nov

Alisha and I have been working around the clock to be ready for the Handmade Holiday Market !

WHAT ! ? That’s just me on a washer . . . In my new pants !

AND ! We got this new sewing machine ! Courtesy of Zach Crain ! ( New meaning super OLD ! 1940’s sewing machine from a lingerie factory ! )

WE are super down with dying fabric lately ! This is our wine/blood version . . . Might see this fabric pop up in one of our new clutches . . .

It’s true . Be afraid . OR excited ? ! ?

Working . HARDCORE .

OH ! That’s just a dying fabric HIGH FIVE ! Yep, those are purple gloves !

Tags for your viewing pleasure . . .

Guess who’s being added to the Edge of Urge online store . . YEP ! RUBYASSATA ! Really, no big deal . . .

Are you kidding me ! ? ! Legs in NOVEMBER ! Check back soon ! News on what we will be selling at the Handmade Holiday Market ! Gifts for all ages ! ! !


17 Nov

We have finally arranged our studio to a point where we can create again ! After much needed help from Lauren !

She helped Alisha and I go through S O M U C H fabric .

I think I hated it .

Let there be tacos to make the creative juices flow . . .

A N D now to prepare for the Handmade Holiday Market hosted by all of those beautiful humans at Edge of Urge .

You K N O W you want it .

The market will be on December 3rd in downtown Wilmington . Fun details and posters and candy to follow . . .

Just might be pumping out something F R E S H !

BROWN baggin’ IT

30 Oct

I know it’s been about a million years since I’ve blogged. This is SOOOO going to change. I am going to start blogging more!!!  Here’s some fun stuff I’ve made lately. . .

We were in need of a cheep halloween costume and paper Indian people seemed like a good solution. I used some brown paper bags, construction paper and a shit ton of hot glue.

I kept the dress two pieces and used a ribbon to belt it in the back. I considered tapping the sides together but I wouldn’t have been able to sit down.

Dallas made arrows out of sticks and bird feathers from the yard. (Yeah, he didn’t take the shot gun out.)

Going without a shirt was much more authentic.

Jessie aka i like it here club went as the moon from the Mighty Boosh or just the moon.

Papper indian dress in action at the Freaker USA/No Dollar Shoes/Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine halloween party at Satellite!


9 Jun

Going DIY this week ! To follow the watermelon shark, add this task to your home depot sunday list . ( home depot sunday blog coming soon ! )

Step 1 : Find an awesome box covered in green felt that has a glass top in your neighbors garbage pile .

Step 2 : Add friends, preferably 2 . ( sam brown not pictured . )

Step 3 : Add paint, glitter, scissors, hot glue, yarn, toy soldiers, animals and anything else you deem necessary .

Step 4 : Paint a river . The bear needs a place to fish .

Step 5 : Build a train so supplies can get to the members of society . Yarn trees are also a must !

Step 6 : Pick one animal to be king . Paint it black and gold . Name it something like “empire moose” .

Step 7 : Name a spot you wish to go to . Make a sign . Raise it in glory .

Step 8 : Set up your new land .

Step 9 : DON’T ! Shatter your dreams . . .