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GLitter MAKes the WorLD a BriGHTer PLACE!

24 Jun

Yep, that’s a homemade glitter iphone case. You know you wanna make one.

I woke up and said to Courtney, “We must glitter my phone case!”  and so we did.

We taped off the inside and made this handle to have full glitter control.

This chunky 1970’s glitter of my great grandmother’s was just screaming to be used.

First , you coat the top of the phone case in glue and smother with glitter. I wouldn’t use Mod Podge, maybe spray adhesive? We used Mod Podge (see below). You just need the glitter to stick. Then you mix two-part high gloss resin together and pour over. It takes about 2 days to dry and then BAM, glitter iphone magic!

Wahwaaahhh. . . about a week later it tore off. It was fun while it lasted. (I bet it was the stupid children’s grade Mod Podge.)

FaThEr’S DAY ! !

3 Jun

Father’s Day is just around the corner and RUBYASSATA has just what your dad needs !

How about a Tiny Wallet ? ! ?

OR a fancy new bow tie ?!?!

Jump on over to our ETSY to pick up something today ! We will even wrap it up for you !


11 Apr

Back. In. Action. Alisha and I have been working on a bazillion  projects for the past 2 days. Gearing up for Charleston Style Swap AND the end of our Kickstarter campaign. (  All happening so soon ! ) Check out more photos on our Flickr.

New mascot . . .

Bowties coming together.

Rad new stamp.



we (heart) you.



BONEYARD Wallets on Etsy!

16 Jan

New BONEYARD collection up on Etsy! One of a kind leather wallets made with vintage fabrics. We’re in the process of making a small collection from the remnants of past projects. Most of these fabrics will never be seen again. We will be back in the studio tomorrow to make more.

Our favorite piece! We call this the lisa turtle 80s flashback wallet…

Business casual Saturday.

Don’t forget RUBYASSATA can do commissioned items! E-mail us at:


14 Jan

What a day! At least we got some new leather to make new super, awesome RUBYASSATA bags!!!

We also found this super (secret) deal happening right now at Books A MillionMoleskines 2010-2011 planners for only $8.00! You know you gots to have one! ( I think you can only get this deal in the store…)

Today was an EPIC HUNT for snow boots for our trip to Sundance! Gah! We REALLY don’t like malls and ended up ordering these jems off the internet. Made by Cabela’s.


12 Jan

Poppin’ champagne like we won the championship game..

It’s real. RUBYASSATA is officially underway. (Whitney is here in spirit..)

Just wait for what we do next…