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NeW aND NeWneSS .

21 Nov

Alisha and I have been working around the clock to be ready for the Handmade Holiday Market !

WHAT ! ? That’s just me on a washer . . . In my new pants !

AND ! We got this new sewing machine ! Courtesy of Zach Crain ! ( New meaning super OLD ! 1940’s sewing machine from a lingerie factory ! )

WE are super down with dying fabric lately ! This is our wine/blood version . . . Might see this fabric pop up in one of our new clutches . . .

It’s true . Be afraid . OR excited ? ! ?

Working . HARDCORE .

OH ! That’s just a dying fabric HIGH FIVE ! Yep, those are purple gloves !

Tags for your viewing pleasure . . .

Guess who’s being added to the Edge of Urge online store . . YEP ! RUBYASSATA ! Really, no big deal . . .

Are you kidding me ! ? ! Legs in NOVEMBER ! Check back soon ! News on what we will be selling at the Handmade Holiday Market ! Gifts for all ages ! ! !



17 Nov

We have finally arranged our studio to a point where we can create again ! After much needed help from Lauren !

She helped Alisha and I go through S O M U C H fabric .

I think I hated it .

Let there be tacos to make the creative juices flow . . .

A N D now to prepare for the Handmade Holiday Market hosted by all of those beautiful humans at Edge of Urge .

You K N O W you want it .

The market will be on December 3rd in downtown Wilmington . Fun details and posters and candy to follow . . .

Just might be pumping out something F R E S H !


26 Apr

Basically, I have been filling my days with drawings and thank you cards. I’m not posting the drawings because, I want them to be a surprise.

Here’s a thank you card from a guest artist.

New old fabric!! I love new old fabric! Let me know if you run across any good prints?

Look what was just mailed to RACO(rubyassata company)!!! New markers, pencils, and paper!! Super excited. (Notice that hot pink le pen!!)

Also, this beautiful umbrella can be all yours!!! I just posted it on the Sundae, Sundae, Sundae vintage site.

Because we received so much love from Kickstarter we want to showcase  a new kickstarter project each week. We have to start with our good friends at Freaker USA!!!! Spread the love and get your FREAKER on!!!!!!!!!

A ZiLLion THanks

19 Apr

This is what happens when I’m left alone. Super mess time.

I did manage to make  a few glittery thank you cards !

I also visited the most super cool fabric store today, Mary Jo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia. First opened in 1951 by Margaret Colien Cloninger in the back of her father’s grocery store. It’s the sweetest giant fabric store in North Carolina. You should really go.

I’m working on ETsy and website updates. Stay tuned!!!

NEW postcard, MY bathtub & OLD screen prints

18 Mar

The place I print postcards was having a sale today and we need some for the Charleston Style Swap, so I made these. I really wanted to do a drawing or something more intricate . . . but this is cool, too.

I hand washed some vintage fabric/dresses today. The water turned yellow.

I found these old screen prints under my bed. The top right print is fucked up. Maybe I’ll turn some of them into kickstarter thank yous??? Maybe you would like one??? If so, go here!!!

(please and thank you!!!)

ART by the YARD

21 Feb

Jacqueline Groag was a British surface designer in the 1950’s.

Paper Dolls- 1967

This pretty lady is Lucienne Day. Here are some of her prints.

Fall, 1952

Lapis, 1953

High Noon, 1965

Miscellany, 1952


LOVE, LOVE,  love their work. In a perfect world I would print all my own linings and dye my hair blonde like Jacqueline. Maybe one day . . .

ThE GREat OutDOors.

16 Jan

Here’s a collection we threw together of rustic bags we adore. We appreciate their craftsmanship and attention to detail. All bags made in the U. S. A.

This comes from Filson, based out of Seattle, Washington, Filson’s believes in making high quality products that are tough and comfortable.

Forestbound is a company based out of Massachusetts. Each bag is cut and sewn by the designers. All bags are made exclusively out of found and salvaged materials.

This awesome rucksack is made by Archival Clothing. All cut and sewn in Springfield, Oregon in an owner-operated facility.

Awesome seaside tote handmade by Stanley & Sons. All products are handmade to order in Brooklyn, NY. They also have a killer website!