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FAmOuS !

7 May

LOOK WHAT WE FOUND IN ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ! ? Yes that IS Jennifer Connelly. Yes that IS a Rubyassata Hobo STRAP ! A little silly but the closest RA has been to fame ! (YET!) Check out this bag and many others on the upcoming feature film “Writers“. (Shot in Wilmington, NC!)

In other exciting news, it has been the birth week of the beautiful Gigi Cunningham ! We finished it off with a little Sunday brunch.

Birthday brunch teacup time .

Fruit, breakfast burritos, mimosas, and friends !

Alisha’s great grandmother made this ! It helps her sew like a BOSS . . .

Rubyassata is finishing up another shipment for Young Blood in Atlanta ! Find this Nellie Alvin Case and more in the next couple of weeks ! Hope everyone had a kick ass weekend . We missed the super moon ! ! ! Did anyone grab a good shot ?


BiRThDAy ! ! !

10 Jan

It’s Alisha Lee Payne’s B I R T H D A Y !

(She’s going to be so mad I posted this photo . . . )

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y to one of the best humans in the world ! ! !


7 Aug

We are finally (almost) moved in to our new home !

Antlers and deer skulls were of the most importance.

And then it was my birthday !

This is are studio and all of the things we will put in it. Crazy…

Kickstarter packages are almost done ! Get ready . . .

Alisha is working with FREAKER USA now as the team has hit the road ! After there very own kickstarter success, they are now traveling around the country throwing cheese and freakers at everyone ! Look for them in a town near you !

LIVE from i LIKE IT here club STUDIO!!!!

13 Jul

Ahhhhh things are super crazy around here. Kicking out kickstarter goodies, working at new fun jobs and house hunting. (If anyone knows of a 3 bedroom in Wilmington, please let us know!!)

I’m back in sunny Wilmington! (yay) I’m currently crashing at the lovely  I LIKE IT HERE CLUB studio.

Here is an example of one of the many nutritious and delicious breakfasts served at  I LIKE IT HERE CLUB  .

I like it here club and rubyassata joined forces for a friend’s birthday surprise.

We made her leather earrings!

Here’s a close up. Soooooo Georgie.


Things are moving fast around here. SoooooooOOOOO much to come in the next couple months. Did I mention how much I love North Carolina and how happy I am to be back? Well, I am.



1 Mar

I was recently commissioned to make a self-tie bowtie for a birthday. (I’m taking my chances he doesn’t read the blog.) I think it turned out well. They are pretty fun to make, I don’t know why more people don’t make them?

I had only made formal band bowties in the past.  (look at me with blonde hair!!)

It’s was hard to get the shape and length the way I wanted it. I made a few poorly constructed prototypes to get it right.

I really want to make more now. . . maybe the skinny “batwing” bowties? Anybody need a bowtie? I’ll trade you one for a donation to our kickstarter?

misTAKES in INk

23 Feb

I made this card for my grandmother’s birthday. But there were some bumps along the way. ..

This was the first one I made. . . it looks pretty bad. I don’t know where I was going with that happy birthday? So, I cut the flower out and glued it onto another card. Then there was the inside…

Then I messed up the T in birthday. I actually spelled it “b-i-r-h-h-d-a-y.” If you know me, you know spelling isn’t my strong suit. So, I did this.

I pasted a new T triangle over it. I mean, she’s 90, is she really going to notice?? It’s the thought that counts, dammit.

happy BIRTHDAY candles ESTHER !!!!!

20 Feb

I met the lovely Esther at Sundance. While there, her brilliant boyfriend asked me to make her a birthday bag. This is the bag.

I used a vintage buckle to make the adjustable strap. I would kill for more buckles like that.

Funny story about the lining.

I made this dress out of it first. I kept the dress long so that in the future I could reuse the fabric.

On the last day of Sundance, we were walking down the street in Park City and we passed a house with a triangle shaped birthday banner and Esther said that she really liked banners like that.

I remembered that.