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bEfore & AftEr

13 Aug

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! It feels like FOREVER since we’ve done a blog post!! Courtney has been busy making movie magic and I’m knee-deep in the world of Freaker.

Somehow I accidentally reupholstered our dining room chairs this weekend.

(First of all, if you live in Wilmington, that discount fabric store on Kerr Avenue is going out of business. Really cheap upholster fabric. Go there before it’s gone.) I found a cool woven rail road stripe material that would be perfect to chevron. Here is a good little refresher on how to sew a chevron pattern.

Our old fabric had that oh-so-gross-1990’s-mom look about it and it was way too matchy with the rug. I just unscrewed the seat from the chair, took out the staples and used the old fabric as a pattern.

You should add a few inches to pull when stapling it on the seat. Then cut off the excess, like Dallas is doing above.

TA-DA!!! Fancy new chairs! Isn’t that much better?

In the mean time I’ve been working on a new small envelope clutch. I used some of the scraps from the chairs on the second prototype. I still haven’t figured it out. . .  yet.


23 Apr

Yesterday was the perfect rainy sewing day. I spent some time working on a new hobo concept. I can’t believe I haven’t made a one in over a year. So, I sat down and started getting my brain back in hobo mode.

This “Watson” print is the lining for the next hobo. It’s a creepy awesome hunting scene with guns, birds and hunting dogs. It’ll be interesting to see how it looks in a handbag.

I made time today to finally repair this classy St. Johns cardigan. It had a ton of tiny moth holes that needed a little darning. Now I just need a fancy party to wear it to or I’ll just wear it to work and pretend I’m at a fancy party!

While sewing in the rain, Courtney was loading film in Yemassee, South Carolina!! She slept in this old hunting lodge!

This is the entrance to the 1,000 acre plantation where she has been staying!

A morning view of oak trees and cows.

Film time! Apparently this one was being to loud for sound.

Little lead painter bade.

This is the Old Sheldon Church, a location Courtney shot at in Yemassee! It was built between 1745 and 1753 and burned down in 1779 during the Revolutionary War.

While I was sewing Dallas did some drawing.

We finished the day with a four corn black bean soup. Yum-town. Hope you had a happy weekend.


5 Dec

We had such a wonderful time at the handmade holiday market ! All of our friends were there and the vendors were incredible ! There are some seriously talented people in this town . We will be taking new items to Edge of Urge this week ! ( Christmas is getting close ! Everyone in your family probably needs something RUBYASSATA . )

We always travel with gold hearts .

AND the winner of our giveaway was the beautiful J Shea Carver ! This is the tiny wallet she picked .

Our tiny table !


Alisha showing off all the goodies .

To finish up our long week we had a birthday celebration last night for our lovely friends Jessie and Zach . It was quite magical and so nice to see our friends .

Up ALL niGht

29 Nov

With the Handmade Holiday Market only 5 days away. (gasp!) We have a lot of work to do. I really feel like the only way to start this night was with Courtney’s mom’s chocolate chest pie and a cup of coffee.

I’m trying a lot of new designs with raw leather and no lining I’m excited about.

Miss Courtney went to see Future Island tonight but, she left me little organized stacks of to-dos.

There’s always time for a sharpie tattoo.

AND new business cards!! A very talented little lady is designing them for us. YAY!

so much to do . . . so little time. . .




4 Oct

Finally on the last leg of our kickstarter rewards . Last night we sat down and made awkward greeting cards !

Our studio is finally looking like a real place ! Just in time for our trunk show coming up at Edge of Urge ! Stay tuned for details . . .

Still have a few products on ETSY if you can’t wait for the trunk show !

SpAcE CAse !

17 Jul

I’m currently working on the TV show “Eastbound & Down” ! I was asked by my supervisors to make an insulated case to protect the magazines from the heat of the sun .

This is what I call a space blanket !

This is a film magazine . It holds 1,000 feet of 35 millimeter film !

We had to measure the magazine with Alisha’s phone charger because we didn’t have a soft measuring tape . (in one week we will have a house with all of our supplies ! and a read studio ! )

Making a pattern .

Alisha and her fancy gold shoes .

Sewing time . . .

This is the final product ! yeah !

Ta da ! Our new house will be ready next week so our Kickstarter loves will be getting fresh packages real soon !



















6 Apr

You could win this clutch at the Style Swap in Charleston! A raffle ticket is only $5 and proceeds benefit Women Making a Difference!

I made this bag a while back and didn’t love it until I added the bow and now it’s one of my favorites.

Hope it finds a good home! If you are in the Charleston area or maybe you need a vacation, come out to the style swap on April 12!!!



new bag MAGIC

26 Mar

I’m in the process of making a couple bags. I really like this color combination. It reminds me of a French circus.

This one is fun, too!

These new YKK zippers are pretty slick.

Screen printed a bunch of logos for wallets and such, too.

17 days until the end of your kickstarter and 17 days until the Style Swap in Charleston.

I have a lot of sewing to do. . .


21 Mar

RUBYASSATA girls are packing up and heading to Charleston !!!!!

We will be selling our latest accessories at the Style Swap on April 12th!!!

Date: Tuesday, April 12
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Renaissance Hotel / 68 Wentworth Street / Downtown Charleston


Fashionable (designer + vintage) items that have been hibernating in your closet.
1 gently worn item (on hanger) + 1 accessory

Style Swap raises awareness and support for Women Making a Difference, a local group of women philanthropists who generate significant annual grants to enrich the lives of women in need. All proceeds from raffle prizes and style-off outfits will be donated to Women Making a Difference.

$15 online: Click HERE to purchase your tickets / $25 cash at the door
The first 50 women to purchase tickets online receive VIP Swapping Status (aka: you get to shop 10 minutes before everyone else!!) + exclusive gift bags filled with goodies from Blue Mercury + more!

Email or



17 Mar

There are some fabulous things on sale at  RUBYASSATA etsy store!!! For starters this super rad wallet made with 1980’s vintage material. This wallet is one of a kind. The leather has pink undertones, how could you not love it ???

(my personal wallet is made out of this leather)

You don’t know how many times I wanted to take this off the etsy site for myself.

and this backpack/laptop holder. . .

One of my favorite prints, this is the only bag left with the gigi floral fabric! It would make an excellent picnic tote.

and this shopper with the classy blue polka dot. . .

All of these bags were made by me (with magic) with super unique vintage fabric. Go on over to etsy and scoop them up!!!