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29 Nov


I know it’s been a hot minute but, this Saturday Rubyassata and Freaker USA will slinging all things glittery at the Durham Armory from 11AM to 5PM.


We tried some fun things ( like abstract, neon canvas made into oversized clutches) and we got tiny wallets for days!!!

Tiny Wallets



1 Jul

Have you heard of Tattly ? ! ?

We’re obsessed ! ! !

The founder of Tattly, Tina Roth Eisenberg, was tired of giving poorly designed temporary tattoos to her daughter. Tattly was then born when she teamed up with a team of designers.

Now over 150 designs are available here !

Summer popsicle !

Check them out for yourself ! You won’t be disappointed !

Design is a Plan

19 Mar

After watching EAMES: The Architect and The Painter I’m head over heels in LOVE with the Eames and their spaces.

Charles and Ray Eames are the dynamic duo behind the ever so famous herman miller chairs.

“Take your pleasure seriously.”  – Charles Eames

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

pinafores. button up oxfords. petter pan collars. bows. pearl post earrings.

She was a notorious pack rat, who’s skirt pocket linings made all the way to her hem so she could hide notes and napkins.

Ray’s office packed with goodies.

Look at that flat file cabinet!

Ray Eames print.

The Eames House, Case Study House #8.

“What works is better than what looks good. The looks good can change, but what works, works.”

TRuNk ShOW ! ! !

5 Feb

RUBYASSATA is having a trunk show ! Wil you join us ?

We have tons of new handmade goods to share with you !

This will also be the closing reception for artist Dallas Clarke Thomas.

Come to Edge of Urge on February 18th from 4-6 pm ! Come look at art, new goods, and enjoy tunes from My Wonderful Machine !

SpAcE CAse !

17 Jul

I’m currently working on the TV show “Eastbound & Down” ! I was asked by my supervisors to make an insulated case to protect the magazines from the heat of the sun .

This is what I call a space blanket !

This is a film magazine . It holds 1,000 feet of 35 millimeter film !

We had to measure the magazine with Alisha’s phone charger because we didn’t have a soft measuring tape . (in one week we will have a house with all of our supplies ! and a read studio ! )

Making a pattern .

Alisha and her fancy gold shoes .

Sewing time . . .

This is the final product ! yeah !

Ta da ! Our new house will be ready next week so our Kickstarter loves will be getting fresh packages real soon !


















TExAS LovE .

22 Jun

While Alisha is still stuck in Missouri, I thought it would be the perfect time to visit my best friend Erin in Austin, Texas . I had never been to the city before and had heard so many great things about it ! Needless to say, I had a WONDERFUL time .

Bison Burger . Tasty . . .

Erin’s adorable house in an adorable neighbor .

At night, this tower looks like an owl ! I kid you not . . .
I am a very colorful robot . . .

Can you believe these ! ? !

Sucks that Alisha hates pork . .

Sure . . .

Window outside of Erin’s work !

Food trucks rock my world !

At a pool party . . .

Finger puppets at Cory’s house !


9 Jun

Going DIY this week ! To follow the watermelon shark, add this task to your home depot sunday list . ( home depot sunday blog coming soon ! )

Step 1 : Find an awesome box covered in green felt that has a glass top in your neighbors garbage pile .

Step 2 : Add friends, preferably 2 . ( sam brown not pictured . )

Step 3 : Add paint, glitter, scissors, hot glue, yarn, toy soldiers, animals and anything else you deem necessary .

Step 4 : Paint a river . The bear needs a place to fish .

Step 5 : Build a train so supplies can get to the members of society . Yarn trees are also a must !

Step 6 : Pick one animal to be king . Paint it black and gold . Name it something like “empire moose” .

Step 7 : Name a spot you wish to go to . Make a sign . Raise it in glory .

Step 8 : Set up your new land .

Step 9 : DON’T ! Shatter your dreams . . .


5 Jun

Do you need an idea for an ultimate summer party hit ! ? ! ? Sam, Emily and I have you covered. Make a watermelon shark for all of your summer needs. ( or just for fun . . .)


Next, we make an octopus . . . 

screen MAYBE print

10 May

I’ve been working on ideas for our kickstarter screen print. I think its going to be a hand drawn-cut-painted cityscape. Maybe.

I cut this little drawing out of contact paper.

I hope to have this abstract RUBYASSATA logo in the background. This could all go horribly  wrong. I’m going to try to print in the morning.

AND!!! Thanks to all of our fabulous kickstarter backers we now have our very own industrial sewing machine!!

Thankfully, my  dad put the machine together. It was just a bunch of metal and plastic parts in boxes with no instructions. Some how he figured out what to do. Kind of amazing.

(See the other sewing machine in the background? Baby factory!!!)


8 May

I have spent the last couple days packing and organizing. Basically, I haven’t ever thrown anything away in my entire life. I might be a hoarder.

Anyone want a life size cardboard cut out of Marilyn Monroe?

I have a week and a half to pack up Rubyassata life ship it to Wilmington and then I’m going to spend a couple weeks in the middle of a no where Missouri. Should be interesting.

Here’ a couple drawings. . .

OH, and we have to finish all the kickstarter rewards before I leave. Don’t worry, we promise you’ll get them soon!!!

THANKS to all our kickstarter backers we were able to get a snazzy new sewing machine!!! We are still blown away that so many people threw in and made this happen. We feel loved. Thank you.