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HoBO PaRTy .

21 May

The Rubyassata studio has been super busy making hobo bags again ! It’s been a while . . .

Super favorite prints .

straps on straps on straps .

We’ve changed the top for a more equestrian look ! (I see a toe…)

New tiny wallets are in the works as well ! Find them on ETSY very soon ! ! !



16 May

The Rubyassata girls enjoyed a little wedding fun, separately, last weekend ! Here are the pictures to prove it . . .

Hazard ?


Jon, a GIANT cat painting and I ! (You know I stood by this all night.)

Alisha and her new dress.

It was also Mother’s Day ! The beginning of new linens for Dallas’ mom ! This is where you pull a fiber on the linen to get a straight line for cutting !

Finished product ! A little Alisha and Dallas collaboration. What did you get your mom for the special occasion ?

CaLiFOrniA !

14 May

I’ve been off in California for the past week taking a little vacation and shooting a music video with the lovely Jon Lindsay !


New skirt, new shoes.

We stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel ! It was gorgeous.

Shades in Santa Monica !

Hollywood Boulevard !

I finally made it home to this wonderful mother’s day gift from Meela. (thanks Alisha and Dallas !)

FAmOuS !

7 May

LOOK WHAT WE FOUND IN ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ! ? Yes that IS Jennifer Connelly. Yes that IS a Rubyassata Hobo STRAP ! A little silly but the closest RA has been to fame ! (YET!) Check out this bag and many others on the upcoming feature film “Writers“. (Shot in Wilmington, NC!)

In other exciting news, it has been the birth week of the beautiful Gigi Cunningham ! We finished it off with a little Sunday brunch.

Birthday brunch teacup time .

Fruit, breakfast burritos, mimosas, and friends !

Alisha’s great grandmother made this ! It helps her sew like a BOSS . . .

Rubyassata is finishing up another shipment for Young Blood in Atlanta ! Find this Nellie Alvin Case and more in the next couple of weeks ! Hope everyone had a kick ass weekend . We missed the super moon ! ! ! Did anyone grab a good shot ?

VOoDOo & SaSHEs .

18 Apr

With all of the film work buzzing around town, we have been busy little bees in the Rubyassata studio. Not only did we have our bags featured on “Writers”, which we heard Jennifer Connelly really enjoyed our stuff, we have been asked to make other items . . .

Like curtains ! ! !

Here they are being used on the set of  “Jessabelle”.

This snake was there too . . .

For the same film, Emily took some of our fabric scraps and made voodoo dolls ! ! !

It doesn’t stop there ! We also made queen sashes that were used on a commercial for the London Olympics !

You know we had to try them on !

OH ! Check out Alisha’s new pants ! She picked these bad boys up last weekend at  Beanie + Cecil.  Made in America by Rag & Bone.

Don’t forget about our new store in Atlanta ! Stop by Young Blood Gallery and Boutique if you’re around. Sent them a package of goodies last week !


4 Apr

Young Blood is a gallery and boutique in Atlanta for emerging artist and crafters of handmade goods !

In the next couple of weeks, RUBYASSATA will be the newest addition to the boutique !

We have new leather . . .

AND new fabric . . .

To make you beautiful things ! ! ! This is a tiny preview of what we will be sending to Atlanta ! Finished items coming soon .


30 Mar

Did you see us over at Edge of Urge ? ! ?

Last week Alisha and I played with them on a sunny afternoon !

It was like playing dress up ! All the shoes we wanted ! All the skirts and earrings and feathers ! I even put on make up . . .

Trust me ! We are no professionals . .

BIG BIG THANKS to everyone at Edge of Urge AND the wonderful Keith Ketchum . I really could kiss all of you on the mouth . Check out our new tiny wallets in the webstore and the full blog here ! ! !