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CHRisTMAs LovE ! !

16 Dec

The Christmas spirit is in full swing at our house ! Card making, present wrapping, treat giving, stocking building and so, so much more !

Our stockings ! And our tree ! ( YES ! Meela and Watson have stockings too ! )

Are you still looking for Christmas gifts ? Check out what we have on ETSY and at Edge or Urge ! Don’t forget to order by December 18th to have your treats by Christmas ! We will even gift wrap for FREE !

Speaking of Edge of Urge, check out the blog love they sent out into the internet world a few days ago ! Find out how we got started ! ! !

We love you and hope your holidays are full of friends and love and magical treats ! !


ViRTUal ShOP .

8 Dec

We have new items up on ETSY and they are flying off the virtual shelves ! ( Just in time for the holidays ! ! )

Luggage Tag ! ! For all you travel lovers .

Tiny Wallets in every variety !

Men’s Wallet !

Lumbersmack Women’s Wallet ! ( More women’s wallets coming soon . . )

The Satellite Clutch ! BAM ! Good for any occasion !

We also do commissioned items so let us know if you need something else ! We will try our best to bust it out before the holidays ! ! !

SiP ON ThIS . . .

7 Dec

While we feverishly edit photos and update our site, dig on this video . We love you .


5 Dec

We had such a wonderful time at the handmade holiday market ! All of our friends were there and the vendors were incredible ! There are some seriously talented people in this town . We will be taking new items to Edge of Urge this week ! ( Christmas is getting close ! Everyone in your family probably needs something RUBYASSATA . )

We always travel with gold hearts .

AND the winner of our giveaway was the beautiful J Shea Carver ! This is the tiny wallet she picked .

Our tiny table !


Alisha showing off all the goodies .

To finish up our long week we had a birthday celebration last night for our lovely friends Jessie and Zach . It was quite magical and so nice to see our friends .

GIVeAwAY ! ! !

2 Dec

One more reason to bring 5 can goods and see amazing handmade products tomorrow at the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET, a RUBYASSATA GIVEAWAY ! ! !

The FIRST person to bring there 5 can goods down to Crow Hill, find our awesome table and say these words : IMMACULATE CONCEPTION ! ! ! You know what you get ! ? ! ? ! A FREE TINY WALLET ! ! ! Yeah, that’s right . C R A Z Y .

Check out everything we made in our new favorite print LUMBERSMACK ! Did we tell you that everything is under $100 ! ? ! ?

N E W Female Wallet ! BAM !

Spankin’ new clutch ! Are you kidding me ?

Men’s and tiny wallets ! Oh yayyyyy !

This is how we feel about you . We will be up all night so could someone bring us coffee in the morning ? Love ya, mean it . ( AND thanks to the lovely Emily Caulfield for this inspirational photo. )





2 Dec

Just to get you going, because I’m sure you will be up all night like us, enjoy this video.

You can check out the story and other videos Eat and Learn HERE.

A BIG preview of everything lumbersmack TONIGHT ! AND a giveaway that you NEED to know about ! Win something from our collection of goods at the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET ! Anticipation . . .