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29 Nov

Sewing and coffee and Otis Redding Christmas jams are the best combination .

Don’t forget 5 cans of nonperishable food items for the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET ! Food drives rule ! AND just for you, all of our handmade goods are under $100 on Saturday ! W H A T ? !

Our new intern Dallas spent his evening casting spells and making potions while we slaved over the sewing machines . . . (He might be fired .)

Oh the LUMBERSMACK ! A little love for our dear friends over at FREAKER USA . A great gift for the lumberjack in your family . (Don’t play, we all have one .)

Up ALL niGht

29 Nov

With the Handmade Holiday Market only 5 days away. (gasp!) We have a lot of work to do. I really feel like the only way to start this night was with Courtney’s mom’s chocolate chest pie and a cup of coffee.

I’m trying a lot of new designs with raw leather and no lining I’m excited about.

Miss Courtney went to see Future Island tonight but, she left me little organized stacks of to-dos.

There’s always time for a sharpie tattoo.

AND new business cards!! A very talented little lady is designing them for us. YAY!

so much to do . . . so little time. . .



KINgS of SUNday .

28 Nov

Sit back and relax ! This is our Sunday . . .

Sausage balls for breakfast ! YAY !

Look at all those new prints ! Can you believe it ? !

That’s right, handmade tags ! Sober enough to make theses . . .

Our wonderful neighbors brought over oysters last night . Can you believe that ? The season of giving .

Do you know where the ASSATA came from ? ! Meela does and she will tell you allllll about Assata Shakur on an upcoming blog post ! ( Yes, she can read and type .)

Don’t forget about the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET this Saturday ! ( How could you ? ! ) It’s going to blow your mind .

Sneak peak of our FAVORITE new print ! You might even get a peak at all the new products we made with this print tonight ! WHAT ? ! You are special . . .





27 Nov

We are in the final home stretch of being ready for the HANDMADE HOLIDAY MARKET !

ONLY 5 cans of food to get in ! ? ! BAM !

First step : cut that leather. ( Thanks FREAKER for letting us take over your space ! They will be at the market making you smile . . . )

Then printing our new logo with the new baby screen from Seaside Screen Printing !

BAM ! A bizillion tags !

Look for luggage tags, tiny wallets, men’s and women’s wallets, clutches, tote bags, bowties, unicorns and other awesome items at the market ! We can’t wait to show you all the new goodies !

OH YEAH ! One of our favorite babes in Wilmington will be there !  Jessie Yeager of I LIKE IT HERE CLUB ! Trust me, you need to own everything she makes !




NeW aND NeWneSS .

21 Nov

Alisha and I have been working around the clock to be ready for the Handmade Holiday Market !

WHAT ! ? That’s just me on a washer . . . In my new pants !

AND ! We got this new sewing machine ! Courtesy of Zach Crain ! ( New meaning super OLD ! 1940’s sewing machine from a lingerie factory ! )

WE are super down with dying fabric lately ! This is our wine/blood version . . . Might see this fabric pop up in one of our new clutches . . .

It’s true . Be afraid . OR excited ? ! ?

Working . HARDCORE .

OH ! That’s just a dying fabric HIGH FIVE ! Yep, those are purple gloves !

Tags for your viewing pleasure . . .

Guess who’s being added to the Edge of Urge online store . . YEP ! RUBYASSATA ! Really, no big deal . . .

Are you kidding me ! ? ! Legs in NOVEMBER ! Check back soon ! News on what we will be selling at the Handmade Holiday Market ! Gifts for all ages ! ! !


17 Nov

We have finally arranged our studio to a point where we can create again ! After much needed help from Lauren !

She helped Alisha and I go through S O M U C H fabric .

I think I hated it .

Let there be tacos to make the creative juices flow . . .

A N D now to prepare for the Handmade Holiday Market hosted by all of those beautiful humans at Edge of Urge .

You K N O W you want it .

The market will be on December 3rd in downtown Wilmington . Fun details and posters and candy to follow . . .

Just might be pumping out something F R E S H !


6 Nov





I’ve been away for the past couple of weeks working on a film about space camp ! Check out my adventure !

America is cool.

 Space people.

A real life Saturn V . This could actually go to space !

A fake rocket.

On the moon.Took my first dive lesson in the astronaut training tank!

Marlowe and I don’t play.This is Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN! Underground waterfall!


Stalactites just hanging around.

The real life Ruby Falls.

Another waterfall at Lookout Mountain, TN.

This is the spot on Lookout Mountain where you can see seven states !


RUBYASSATA is preparing for the homemade holiday sale in Wilmington ! Check back for info on the whereabouts !