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BROWN baggin’ IT

30 Oct

I know it’s been about a million years since I’ve blogged. This is SOOOO going to change. I am going to start blogging more!!!  Here’s some fun stuff I’ve made lately. . .

We were in need of a cheep halloween costume and paper Indian people seemed like a good solution. I used some brown paper bags, construction paper and a shit ton of hot glue.

I kept the dress two pieces and used a ribbon to belt it in the back. I considered tapping the sides together but I wouldn’t have been able to sit down.

Dallas made arrows out of sticks and bird feathers from the yard. (Yeah, he didn’t take the shot gun out.)

Going without a shirt was much more authentic.

Jessie aka i like it here club went as the moon from the Mighty Boosh or just the moon.

Papper indian dress in action at the Freaker USA/No Dollar Shoes/Justin Lacy and the Swimming Machine halloween party at Satellite!


4 Oct

Finally on the last leg of our kickstarter rewards . Last night we sat down and made awkward greeting cards !

Our studio is finally looking like a real place ! Just in time for our trunk show coming up at Edge of Urge ! Stay tuned for details . . .

Still have a few products on ETSY if you can’t wait for the trunk show !