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NYlon NerD!

24 Aug

A lifetime goal of mine and RUBYASSATA CO is to be published in the magazine Nylon. Last week I got kinda close? I drew the handwritten name  purple rain for FREAKER USA and it was on the Nylon for guys blog.  YAY!!! FREAKERS!!!! I would call that a triumph, even if it’s a small one!!

Unfortunately the RUBYASSATA studio is still in boxes. . . and we  still have a few Kickstarter rewards to deliver. BUT we did just order some new leather for bags!!!!!! TRUNK show soon!!!!! and we need this bar (with whiskey) for the studio. . .

We love everyone and can’t wait to get the studio back together and start sewing bags again!!!!!!



8 Aug

JESS+JESS+JESS=AWESOME. These three lovely ladies are trying to save the world by trimming the waste in fashion . Let’s help them shall we?

TO HELP VOTE AT 3:00PM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!
Please click on this flyer, set up an account, and become a fan of THE TRIANGLE ! They need our help ! One day these ladies will save the world . . . and look really hot doing it.

For more of their work go here . . . EOU!!!!!!!


7 Aug

We are finally (almost) moved in to our new home !

Antlers and deer skulls were of the most importance.

And then it was my birthday !

This is are studio and all of the things we will put in it. Crazy…

Kickstarter packages are almost done ! Get ready . . .

Alisha is working with FREAKER USA now as the team has hit the road ! After there very own kickstarter success, they are now traveling around the country throwing cheese and freakers at everyone ! Look for them in a town near you !