PiZZa RAMpage!!!

1 Jul

Yesterday morning I was lucky enough to catch an episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown making his own grilled pizza on a BBQ grill. I felt inspired.

Our pizza had mozzarella, sweet taylor pears, prosciutto, onions, and arugula(not pictured.)

You can find the original recipe here.

I even made the dough.

Things got a little messy.

While the bread was rising, we took a brake to draw beer bottles in the left handed sketchbook.

Then, things were looking up.

Alton used a gas grill. All we had was a charcoal grill.

First crust was a litte abstract.

well. . .

Finished product not so great looking. . . BUT the flavors were amazing. The dough maybe should have cooked longer?

The next pizza was cooked in the oven. The safer choice.

I’m still haven’t completely made it back to Wilmington. I did set up new sewing machine in wilmington (thanks kickstarter!)!!!!!

I can’t wait to finish all the kickstarter rewards and sew for the trunk show- oh, and see Courtney everyday!

P.S.- New life goal is to have a chalkboard refrigerator.



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