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23 Jun

A friend met me in St. Louis toward the end of my trip.

Here I am at a Cardinals game looking the part. Budweiser and freaker in hand. I’m such a sports fan.

Did you know people really stand up and stretch during the 7th inning stretch?

We had kick ass bloody marys at Rooster. Voted best breakfast and in St. Louis.

Looking  at the field notes itinerary .

and yummy magical black bean crepes.

This is outside of the St. Louis art museum. It was free and really beautiful.

My favorite exhibit was William Kentridge, “Visual Musing.”

I took about 25 pictures of his work before they asked me stop. Apparently, you couldn’t take pictures of this particular exhibit.










This is Calder ? At least that’s what the title said.

I want to put all of rubyassata‘s stuff in these.

We stayed at Dwell 912, modern bed and breakfast .

Front porch love.

The whole apartment was decorated with local art and vintage furnishings.

View from the balcony.

Looking at things this way.

Amazing 100 year old spiral staircase to the upstairs bedroom.

I may have had some drinks .  .  .

Living/dining room.

In the morning we had an organic breakfast made by owner Jenn from these chickens. Super cool.

You should really check out Dwell 912 if you are in the St. Louis area.

So. . . I should be in Wilmington right now BUT my great grandmother past way yesterday morning. She was 92 and will be missed.

Five more days in Missouri . Leaving Tuesday.  Miss my North Carolina so bad. Miss Courtney so bad.  Just super miss.


THinGs & oTHer ThINGs .

23 Jun

Separation makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that. ( and now we are OVER IT ! )

Alisha and I have been in two different parts of the country BUT we want you all to know that we will be back in action oh so very soon. Oh, and we still have some items up on Etsy and some special love sprinkles at Edge of Urge in Wilmington, NC. Expect some fresh new beauties soon !

Bowtie oh my ! ( can also be worn on your head ! )

Hobo with Shea print ! yeah !

Vintage tree print !

AND for all of our kickstarter babes, we haven’t forgotten you . promise, promise, promise .

TExAS LovE .

22 Jun

While Alisha is still stuck in Missouri, I thought it would be the perfect time to visit my best friend Erin in Austin, Texas . I had never been to the city before and had heard so many great things about it ! Needless to say, I had a WONDERFUL time .

Bison Burger . Tasty . . .

Erin’s adorable house in an adorable neighbor .

At night, this tower looks like an owl ! I kid you not . . .
I am a very colorful robot . . .

Can you believe these ! ? !

Sucks that Alisha hates pork . .

Sure . . .

Window outside of Erin’s work !

Food trucks rock my world !

At a pool party . . .

Finger puppets at Cory’s house !

StiLL kiCKin’ it IN the MiDwESt

14 Jun

I’ve had so much free time I managed to actually read a book, Rabbit, Run. (If you know me, I’m not the biggest reader.) I also had time to watch the entire first season of Mad Men. (Yeah, yeah I know I’m late on the Mad Men train.) Oh, the things one can do without television or internet.

Also, with the added free time we’ve been making more fun labor intensive dinners like, these shish-kabobs. Yum-O.

I carved my name into the wall of the Mokane Market, apparently in 2001.

I did go to the Holt Summit Winery, which was way fun.

I like the solo cup for water.

That same day I fell madly in love with this pup, Mia. Awwwww.

Today we visited Jinx Books, an awesome but messy book store in Fulton, Mo. Super messy.

Oh, you have a shit ton of rad colorful zippers? Yes, please.

I found this baby frog outside of my house. Does the fun stop? Nope.

I can’t wait until RA blog is about cool designs and handbags again. One more week.

So soon!!!!!!!! and St. Louis on Thursday!!!!!!








9 Jun

Going DIY this week ! To follow the watermelon shark, add this task to your home depot sunday list . ( home depot sunday blog coming soon ! )

Step 1 : Find an awesome box covered in green felt that has a glass top in your neighbors garbage pile .

Step 2 : Add friends, preferably 2 . ( sam brown not pictured . )

Step 3 : Add paint, glitter, scissors, hot glue, yarn, toy soldiers, animals and anything else you deem necessary .

Step 4 : Paint a river . The bear needs a place to fish .

Step 5 : Build a train so supplies can get to the members of society . Yarn trees are also a must !

Step 6 : Pick one animal to be king . Paint it black and gold . Name it something like “empire moose” .

Step 7 : Name a spot you wish to go to . Make a sign . Raise it in glory .

Step 8 : Set up your new land .

Step 9 : DON’T ! Shatter your dreams . . .

HOMe SwEEt home?

7 Jun

So many crazy things have happened in the past couple weeks. Here’s a list.

We moved into old farm house.

Won’t stop raining.

We move out of old farm house.

We move into a different house. (ironically my great uncle build in the 1960’s.)

Someone stole the air conditioning unit in new house.

The transporter with all my parents things is 4 days late.

Transporter comes.

My dad has a heart attack. yep. (he’s doing well, now)

Spent some time in a hospital 40 minutes away.

Now, it’s 95 degrees, just got air conditioning yesterday.

Also, I have no service on my phone unless, I go into town.

We can’t get the internet at new house so I’ve been using AT&T USB quicksilver. I used 65% of the data plan in 7 days.

AND my calculator watch broke.

On the upside, I love being able to see my whole family all the time and it’s really pretty here.

(I also have an amazing St. Louis trip planned next week that should bring my spirits up.)

My grandma’s three bean salad. (Good for my dad’s heart.)

This is Sally the turtle. She lives at my house.

That’s a deer in my front yard. 

I have seen more animals in a week then I’ve seen in ten years.

Congratulations FREAKER USA !!! They met their Kickstarter goal. Dreams do come true.

Here is a collection I made last year of Mokane, MO, if you’re interested.

Ohh, internet how I miss you. . . and North Carolina. I can’t wait to get home and finish all those Kickstarter rewards.

Super miss.


5 Jun

Do you need an idea for an ultimate summer party hit ! ? ! ? Sam, Emily and I have you covered. Make a watermelon shark for all of your summer needs. ( or just for fun . . .)


Next, we make an octopus . . .