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screen MAYBE print

10 May

I’ve been working on ideas for our kickstarter screen print. I think its going to be a hand drawn-cut-painted cityscape. Maybe.

I cut this little drawing out of contact paper.

I hope to have this abstract RUBYASSATA logo in the background. This could all go horribly  wrong. I’m going to try to print in the morning.

AND!!! Thanks to all of our fabulous kickstarter backers we now have our very own industrial sewing machine!!

Thankfully, my  dad put the machine together. It was just a bunch of metal and plastic parts in boxes with no instructions. Some how he figured out what to do. Kind of amazing.

(See the other sewing machine in the background? Baby factory!!!)



8 May

I have spent the last couple days packing and organizing. Basically, I haven’t ever thrown anything away in my entire life. I might be a hoarder.

Anyone want a life size cardboard cut out of Marilyn Monroe?

I have a week and a half to pack up Rubyassata life ship it to Wilmington and then I’m going to spend a couple weeks in the middle of a no where Missouri. Should be interesting.

Here’ a couple drawings. . .

OH, and we have to finish all the kickstarter rewards before I leave. Don’t worry, we promise you’ll get them soon!!!

THANKS to all our kickstarter backers we were able to get a snazzy new sewing machine!!! We are still blown away that so many people threw in and made this happen. We feel loved. Thank you.

WouLD Y O U PleASE ? ? ?

5 May

Check out our dear friend Bibis ! She is currently in the top 20 of 500 ! to be selected for a new show on FOX 50 called the X Factor !

She’s so UBER talented and will blow you away with her voice !

Here’s how to help. Click on the picture above, watch her video and comment about how awesome she is. The final 3 will will be selected to on May 9th and sent to Dallas to audition for the show !


MoUNTaiNS of ThANKS ! ! !

3 May

RUBYASSATA is buried deep in thank you cards and packages. Coming to a mailbox or porch near you…

Getting organized.

Don’t forget to check out the freaker team and their very own kickstarter project !

Meela Budgens will be hand delivering packages around Wilmington.

A special gift for Jessie. Have you seen her jewelry ? You probably should..

Courtney is good at drawing unicorns…

This is just the beginning…