d r a w D R A W I N G S

29 Apr

Is it ok to advertise our addresses???

I got this lil package in the mail from Courtney. Pretty much made my week. (Justin-thanks for the NYTM)

I said I wasn’t going to post any of the kickstarter drawings but, ok, well, here’s a chandelier.

and a watch.  I bet you could buy a watch like this from American Apparel.

This is an illustration from Chris Dent.

He lives and creates in London. I could stair at his drawings for hours upon hours.

Also in London, fashion illustrator Yiunam Leung. Maybe they know each other?

This one is kinda my favorite. I’m a sucker for glasses. She does commission work, too.

Holla at her – yiunam1@hotmail.com.

I saw this on I LIKE IT HERE CLUB, being that markers are the most awesome medium alive, I fell in love and investigated that this drawing was colored by Hollis Brown Thornton from South Carolina.

He also does these cool collages, with what looks like wallpaper.

You can buy prints of his work at- http://hollisbrownthornton.bigcartel.com/

Hatboxes don’t transport well.


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