ballroom BLITZ

9 Apr

I woke up at 6:30am to burn some screens. It didn’t go super well. For some reason my stencils wouldn’t wash out. Screen printing is super temperamental.

This isn’t going to work at all.

I got mad when it wouldn’t wash out and then threw the screen in the yard.  Sometimes I wonder why I even screen print.

Then I got this email from chad. He paypaled me $3.00 for a cupcake. Wasn’t that sweet? I think I’ll get one in Charleston. Anyone know a good cupcake place in Charleston?

Updated heart fund raising wall!!!! Thanks to everyone who has donated. We are 70% there with only 4 days left!! JUST 4!!!

If we could just get a little help from everyone we could reach our goal!!! Seriously, if you gathered change from your car and gave us that, it would help!!  CLICK HERE TO HELP RUBYASSATA GROWWWWWWW!!!

Hold on to your shorts. Our dear friends at Freaker USA just launched their own kickstarter!!!

The video has to be in the top 2 best Kickstarter Videos ever. SO GOOD, just like freakers. I couldn’t embed the video because of my own issues, so go HERE and watch and love and GIVE!!


One Response to “ballroom BLITZ”

  1. Courtney April 9, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    I like it that Chad sent you $3 for a cupcake. That was good thinking. I hope it did the trick. Sometimes screens and blogs and life don’t cooperate. On certain days it makes me mad/ sad. But I know that with a little love and a cupcake you’re going to conquer it all.

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