5 Apr

You know if you give to our kickstarter you get awesome handmade gifts? I made some pictures to illustrate this better.

With every $14.00 donation and up, all backers will receive a handmade handwritten thank you card from us!

These aren’t some crappy corporate Hallmark greeting cards. These are works of freaking art thanks you cards.

How about a sexy bottle freaker?? Made to keep drinks cool or wear it on your arm like this fancy lady.

A hand drawn, one of a kind pen and ink drawing???

Oh! Oh! Artwork from Jonathan David Guggenheim!! Could be anything coming from this kid?? Anything awesome!!!

Everyone needs a luggage tag and a place to put their business cards!

It doesn’t get any better than handcrafted i like it here club jewelry!!!

I’m going to design and screen print artwork just for kickstarter and print it on canvas!

Kinda my favorite, handmade screen printed tote bags on heavy weight canvas with leather handles.

They should be pretty snazzy.

The big, big reward is all of the above! I will make you a custom hobo, wallet, luggage tag and card holder!!!

All of the rewards will be handmade when kickstarter ends. Help us give people rewards.

If we don’t reach our goal- we don’t get any of the chashmoney- and the world will be deprived of their art.

That would be terrible. So, go to our KICKSTARTER and donate and tell everyone you know about us!!!!!!! WE ONLY HAVE 8 DAYS!!!!


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