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d r a w D R A W I N G S

29 Apr

Is it ok to advertise our addresses???

I got this lil package in the mail from Courtney. Pretty much made my week. (Justin-thanks for the NYTM)

I said I wasn’t going to post any of the kickstarter drawings but, ok, well, here’s a chandelier.

and a watch.  I bet you could buy a watch like this from American Apparel.

This is an illustration from Chris Dent.

He lives and creates in London. I could stair at his drawings for hours upon hours.

Also in London, fashion illustrator Yiunam Leung. Maybe they know each other?

This one is kinda my favorite. I’m a sucker for glasses. She does commission work, too.

Holla at her –

I saw this on I LIKE IT HERE CLUB, being that markers are the most awesome medium alive, I fell in love and investigated that this drawing was colored by Hollis Brown Thornton from South Carolina.

He also does these cool collages, with what looks like wallpaper.

You can buy prints of his work at-

Hatboxes don’t transport well.


26 Apr

Basically, I have been filling my days with drawings and thank you cards. I’m not posting the drawings because, I want them to be a surprise.

Here’s a thank you card from a guest artist.

New old fabric!! I love new old fabric! Let me know if you run across any good prints?

Look what was just mailed to RACO(rubyassata company)!!! New markers, pencils, and paper!! Super excited. (Notice that hot pink le pen!!)

Also, this beautiful umbrella can be all yours!!! I just posted it on the Sundae, Sundae, Sundae vintage site.

Because we received so much love from Kickstarter we want to showcase  a new kickstarter project each week. We have to start with our good friends at Freaker USA!!!! Spread the love and get your FREAKER on!!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter!!

24 Apr

Being that this is the last Easter my family and I will be spending in the k-nap house, I wanted to really do it up.  So I demanded dyed easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and a lemon meringue pie.

The egg dyeing kit came with a “magical” pencil. Here are my “magical” lines.

I can’t even believe I made lemon meringue pie. It was a super simple recipe, so I’m curious how good it will actually taste.

In between the Easter festivities I’ve been making thank you cards and rewards for our kickstarter backers.

Here’s one of our lovely backers in his RUBYASSATA Easter bow tie now!! Doesn’t he look dandy??

(Artwork by Chad Keith)

I’m going to put on something pastel and eat more chocolate. You should do the same.

ONE down

21 Apr

I mailed our  first kickstarter package out today!! I have only finished one line drawing out of the million. Ironically, it was the same person who purchased a bow tie last night. So I sent them both out complete with handmade thank you card!

Each blue post-it represents someones line drawing to be done. I have some ideas for cool line drawings, but if you have any interesting suggestions let me know!

This might take a while . . .

how about some BOWTIES?

21 Apr

I had these just hanging around the house and thought, why not put them on Etsy? (and Courtney Young said, “Why don’t you put those on Etsy?”)

To be honest I kinda wanted to keep them all to myself. I really, really like bows.

If you like bow ties and being awesome go here.

A ZiLLion THanks

19 Apr

This is what happens when I’m left alone. Super mess time.

I did manage to make  a few glittery thank you cards !

I also visited the most super cool fabric store today, Mary Jo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia. First opened in 1951 by Margaret Colien Cloninger in the back of her father’s grocery store. It’s the sweetest giant fabric store in North Carolina. You should really go.

I’m working on ETsy and website updates. Stay tuned!!!


16 Apr

The heart fundraising wall is officially filled up and framed with the names of all of our kickstarter backers! We can’t wait to hang it in our new studio !

We’ve also began work on our backer rewards. Only 88 handmade thank you cards to go !

Back. To. Work. Now.

But first . . . FANCY MILKSHAKES!!!!!


14 Apr

We are officially back from Charleston and gearing up to make allllll of our kickstarter rewards ! But first, some fun things we did on our trip !

OMG ! We’ve discovered our new favorite thing ! BILLY REID ! A fashion designer from Florence, Alabama ! His clothing reminds us of the 40s work force. So clean and functional. Everything is made in the USA, Canada, or Italy. We spend over an hour in the store touching every item ! Check him out !

Here are some photos from our walk around town.


13 Apr

What a whirlwind week we’ve had. Last night, while attending Style Swap Charleston, we MET OUR GOAL ON KICKSTARTER !

The work never ends but we really can’t wait to make all of our wonderful backers goodies. This also means that we can order our sewing machine within the next 15 days ! ! ! AND we get to make our new line ! ! We are still letting this all sink in.

Here are a few photos from our trip. We will add more after exploring today !

There are still 5 hours to go if you are feeling sassy ! Donate here!

FrONt PaGE !

12 Apr

Rubyassata made in on the front page of KICKSTARTER for the second time ! We are 30 hours away ! 84% funded ! So, so close !

And now we are leaving for CHARLESTON , S C. Style swap TONIGHT from 7-9pm.

Wish us luck .