tonight’s the NIGHT

16 Mar

If and (hopefully) when we reach our kickstarer goal, I’m going to have produced more than a few drawings and screen prints. I thought, tonight is the night I start working on some. Above is a drawing of a building in NYC.

While drawing, I listened to Neil Young and fantasized about seeing him on the 7th row in a small, intimate venue. This fantasy will be a reality on April 16th.  I’m sure I’ll gush about it when I get back if I haven’t died of happiness. (This is one of my favorite songs. . . probably because it says ruby in it. . .)

Took some time to update the heart fundraising wall. We are up to 36 backers!!! Keep it up!!!!

Did I mention we were on the kickstarter blog??!!!!??? Cassie over at kickstarter said some really, really sweet and thoughtful things about us. We couldn’t be more stoked about it!!! Give it a read. (Thanks!)

I want to thank everyone who donated over the last week. Recently- Ben Emmel, Nicole Milliken and rue_dreamer. You are all very kind people.

P.S.- On a sad real note, I just want to say RUBYASSATA hearts go out to everyone Japan.


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