thrifty GALORE

26 Feb

Potential buyers looked at the house today. While they were looking my mom and I went thrifting. (above, another sewing book I don’t really need. It was published in 1963, my favorite year, so I had to get it.)

I have a thing for watches. This is a Swatch-looking Timex with a referee man on the face. Weird.

I use to have a kool aid watch like this when I was a kid. Remember collecting the points on the back to get stuff?

Now, if I could only find that minnie/mickey mouse watch I’ve been searching for. . .

Awesome floral umbrella? YES!

This combines my love of florals and tins.

At my local thrift store, they have a whole wall of surprise grab bags. I chose the one on the left for the envelopes. (You know, for all those handmade kickstarter thanks yous!!!) I chose the bag on the right for the hello kitty pencil case. (It has bows and it’s pink- come on!!)

The contents of the bag above. Note the small blue gideon bible in the corner.

I opened it and . . .

My name was on the first line!!!!!!! How strange is that!!! My name is rarely spelled correctly and then, there it is in a baby bible!!!! I’m scared.

The gem of the day. A super well made Michael Scott briefcase with retractable handles.

Look how well my laptop fits!!!

Good day.


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