ZOOM!! pow!!! BANG!!!

25 Feb

While taking a brake from sewing today I happen to catch a television program called “Shake it Up” on the Disney channel.  The whole show is based around two BFFs wearing awesome Punky Brewster type clothes and at the end of the show they dance.

I dig it.

Aren’t those floral shorts cute?

Jessica Replansky is the costume designer behind these 13 year olds colorful outfits. She has worked on “Sex on the City,” “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Ugly Betty” and it shows.

I’m totally loving these girls. . . but I will always be a die hard iCarly fan. Just sayin.

(pictures disney.com)

P.S.- HUGE thanks to Carol Roggemann, Morgan B. Bridgers, Alison Miclat Lance, Gray Powell, Dallas Thomas, Taylor hamilton and Bervil James for giving to our kickstarter this week! You guys are awesome and we can’t start to tell you how much we appreciate your donation.

P.S.S.- If we don’t reach our goal or $5,237 we don’t get any money. NOTHING. So help!!! We want the RUBYASSATA machine to keep going- SUPPORT US  ON KICKSTARTER!!! Thank you so much!!!


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