18 Feb

I have been sooo distracted today. Here are the things that distract me.

I would say to myself that I’m just going to watch one talk. . . and then three talks later. . .

Is a fashion/life blog by a girl in Austin. She seems smart, funny and best of all not pretentious. I like her.

Which only led me to this sweet blog. She made heart headbands for her friends!!!

In between all of this I’ve been catching up on fashion shows. There’s like a billion of them, it’s time consuming.

One of my favorites are these tribal/cosby pants from Proenza Schouler. I think those would look nice on me. (pic style.com)

I really need to be cutting out more tiny wallets. . . tomorrow I promise tiny wallets.

* SUPER thanks to super Courtney Young for contributing to our kickstarter! She’s amazing and lovely. Go say hi to her at www.threedaysthreewaysblog.com !!! (You might recognize the header from a long ago blog post. . . )


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