17 Feb

In planing our (fingers-crossed) victory on kickstarter I started making thank you cards. Good handmade cards take time, so we are trying to make a few a week. Here’s a few I made today.

I broke, hopefully only temporarily, the heart stamp making this card.

This one is a little haphazard. . .

A cozy thanks.

Any pledge over $14 on our kickstarter gets you one of these lovely handmade cards.

* I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported us on kickstarter today- Joel, Lindsey, Polly Pry and Andrey!

If you haven’t noticed this kickstarter campaign has been taking over the blog the past week and it will for the next 54 days. I thought I might explain why this is happening now.

For starters Courtney and I live 4 hours apart, she in Wilmington and I at my parents house in Kannapolis. I moved to my parents for one reason- my dad’s industrial sewing machine. For the past two months we have been together at my parents house giving rubyassata company all we have. It was a beautiful thing. Courtney eventually went home and left me here with no one to motivate or organize me.

and there’s this. . . my parents house is for sale. This makes things even more complicated for several reasons. Even if we wanted to continue invading my parents house, using my dad’s sewing machine and shop (that’s fully stocked with industrial sewing supplies) we can’t because they are moving to Missouri and taking their sewing machine with them. The other is having a messy art studio in the bonus room isn’t a selling point. Not to mention all the fabric and supplies that come with me. So, I have to store all my supplies/life in the tiny side attic  storage so that potential buyers aren’t offended by my mess.

The bottom line is that Courtney and I came together and made RUBYASSATA everything we wanted it to be and now it is going to be taken away and thats when kickstarter happened. If we had money for an industrial sewing machine, our own space together to create, supplies, vintage fabric, leather and hardware we could really take RUBYASSATA to the next level and that’s why we need your help.



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