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Speaking of amazing films. . .

27 Feb

Have you seen this kickstarter video Justin Mitchener made for us???

It’s pretty amazing. Maybe not Black Swan amazing, but still good!

I made this new heart fundraising wall. The old one was actually on this cool draw/painting Dallas did.

If you like the idea of me writing your name on a heart shaped piece of paper and you want to see RUBYASSATA make more kick ass bags GO HERE!!!!


thrifty GALORE

26 Feb

Potential buyers looked at the house today. While they were looking my mom and I went thrifting. (above, another sewing book I don’t really need. It was published in 1963, my favorite year, so I had to get it.)

I have a thing for watches. This is a Swatch-looking Timex with a referee man on the face. Weird.

I use to have a kool aid watch like this when I was a kid. Remember collecting the points on the back to get stuff?

Now, if I could only find that minnie/mickey mouse watch I’ve been searching for. . .

Awesome floral umbrella? YES!

This combines my love of florals and tins.

At my local thrift store, they have a whole wall of surprise grab bags. I chose the one on the left for the envelopes. (You know, for all those handmade kickstarter thanks yous!!!) I chose the bag on the right for the hello kitty pencil case. (It has bows and it’s pink- come on!!)

The contents of the bag above. Note the small blue gideon bible in the corner.

I opened it and . . .

My name was on the first line!!!!!!! How strange is that!!! My name is rarely spelled correctly and then, there it is in a baby bible!!!! I’m scared.

The gem of the day. A super well made Michael Scott briefcase with retractable handles.

Look how well my laptop fits!!!

Good day.

ZOOM!! pow!!! BANG!!!

25 Feb

While taking a brake from sewing today I happen to catch a television program called “Shake it Up” on the Disney channel.  The whole show is based around two BFFs wearing awesome Punky Brewster type clothes and at the end of the show they dance.

I dig it.

Aren’t those floral shorts cute?

Jessica Replansky is the costume designer behind these 13 year olds colorful outfits. She has worked on “Sex on the City,” “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Ugly Betty” and it shows.

I’m totally loving these girls. . . but I will always be a die hard iCarly fan. Just sayin.


P.S.- HUGE thanks to Carol Roggemann, Morgan B. Bridgers, Alison Miclat Lance, Gray Powell, Dallas Thomas, Taylor hamilton and Bervil James for giving to our kickstarter this week! You guys are awesome and we can’t start to tell you how much we appreciate your donation.

P.S.S.- If we don’t reach our goal or $5,237 we don’t get any money. NOTHING. So help!!! We want the RUBYASSATA machine to keep going- SUPPORT US  ON KICKSTARTER!!! Thank you so much!!!


24 Feb

Alisha and I both fell in love with yet ANOTHER blog/designer today. It’s called Hello Hello!

Ran by Katie Evans, a graphic designer/illustrator in New York. (she works for Kate Spade!)

Her illustrations are just so quaint and lovely. . .

It would be wonderful to have all of these pieces in our new home.

She also makes stationary and sells on Etsy! If she’s looking, we know the perfect guy to match her up with…

misTAKES in INk

23 Feb

I made this card for my grandmother’s birthday. But there were some bumps along the way. ..

This was the first one I made. . . it looks pretty bad. I don’t know where I was going with that happy birthday? So, I cut the flower out and glued it onto another card. Then there was the inside…

Then I messed up the T in birthday. I actually spelled it “b-i-r-h-h-d-a-y.” If you know me, you know spelling isn’t my strong suit. So, I did this.

I pasted a new T triangle over it. I mean, she’s 90, is she really going to notice?? It’s the thought that counts, dammit.


23 Feb

I made 20 tiny wallets yesterday. I threw a couple up on etsy.

Today RUBYASSATA is in the StarNews for our kickstarter, along with our friend Anghus Houvouras. Read all about it  here!

And our kickstarter video is on the Encore homepage! Right now we are are at 13% of our goal. Help us get to 100% and get some cool rewards at !!!!

I received this book a couple years ago for my birthday. Basically, Nylon magazine published a book about fashion in music. Well, there is one chapter on the style of music goers. It’s just a bunch of random people at shows. For some reason I started reading the names of the people under the pictures. (As if I would know one of them??)

Anyway, funny enough I see this picture of. . .

ST. VINCENT!!! Annie Clark was just being cool at Austin City Limits and they took her picture and put her in the book not even knowing she was the musician St. Vincent or if they did, they didn’t mention it.  I found this very interesting.

EXPLODING tiny wallets

22 Feb

Just made a whole new batch of tiny wallets!!!

If you were wondering how my pants are being held up today . . . the answer is suspenders.